Everywhere I look, I see curvy beauty

It’s incredible how beautiful women are, and how it’s easy to find beauty everywhere you walk. I see it everywhere, and it has curves, softness and lots of it. You can see all sorts of beauty. You can find lovers of milk (really a hard habit to break, with all that creaminess)


and lovers of giant heaps of the plumpest hips (with all the passion they generate),


in all ages and colors.


So it’s quite probable you will find a Goddess. A sweet Earth Mother, with big pillows of softness all over, and bulges so fat that remind you of an eternity of opulence.


And she really has a lot of flesh amassed on her thighs, and you will get hard just by looking at how much cellulite they have. And when you thought you saw the biggest, most prosperous valley, her large maternal hips will emerge in front of you, and you’ll know you’re ready to mate.


She will be your bed, and you will be the one who adores her from the outside and from the inside. Inbetween her thighs, you will renew your vows every day, squeezing the generous earth in your palms, like a forbidden Cream of Life.


(Visit www.blackstreetbbw.com for more of this)

(Photos are (c) www.blackstreetbbw.com)

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2 Responses to “Everywhere I look, I see curvy beauty”

  1. blogblackstreetbbw Says:

    Thanks! Your posts on everything are always interesting surprises to read!

  2. Jerry Gatlin Gun Says:

    OH Damn I Jerry Gatlin have Always Completely LOVED me a very Huge Wide Meaty ASS like these Ladies here. I cant get Enought of Huge FAT Wide Asses like these. 3-10-10.

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