MsDawnP’s Blue Dress Hallway video

Oh, magnifica abbondanza...

Oh, magnifica abbondanza...

I never wrote about this amazing video that came out a while ago. But I should have. And I will, because believe it or not, MsDawnP takes a long walk in the hallway in that totally fantastic jaw-dropping dress. It’s one of the most fantastic video I ever saw, not just of her, but in absolute terms. You get to walk behind her, and admire her abundantly lavish beauty.

I wish I were actually behind her, to tap her big meaty buttocks as she walks, and tease her, sing songs in her honor and maybe make her laugh too. I wish I were there when she lifts up her dress, to lick all of the dripping, bountiful cream that she stores in her trunk. Oh god, oh lust, so many dimples, creases, and jiggling bits everywhere!

The first time I saw the video I almost had a heart attack: you can maybe see it from my twitter stream. I never felt like this anticipation, this thrill, and all these emotions just watching a video.

To be continued…

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One Response to “MsDawnP’s Blue Dress Hallway video”

  1. bästa kokosoljan Says:

    Surfade mig hit lite av misstag, men du har en
    superfin blog här! Fortsätt med det fina arbetet!
    Tack för det här!

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