La Coorte di Gheddafi – Gaddafi’s Amazons Cohort


Gaddafi, the dictator of Lybia, has a personal bodyguard cohort made entirely of Amazons. He may be a crazy terrorist fuck, but these big, towering women are stunningly beautiful.


Le Amazzoni di Gheddafi sono delle belle donne robuste, forti, altissime. Queste donnone sinuose, dalla pelle bruna e vellutata, sono le sue guardie del corpo.


(Le foto sono copyright (c)

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One Response to “La Coorte di Gheddafi – Gaddafi’s Amazons Cohort”

  1. blogblackstreetbbw Says:

    Whoa! Now THERE’s and interestingly weird big women post! Man! I can’t believe I didn’t come up with the idea where if I were a dicatator, I’d have a guard like this, until just now!

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