Vote for your favorite Fat Curvy Models!

Too fat, too curvy... too gorgeous

Too fat, too curvy... too gorgeous

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a poll on the sidebar on the right. That’s right, you can now vote for your favorite curvy models! I admittedly left it open to multiple choices as I know how difficult it is to choose just one… there are so many big beautiful women! The models I listed in the poll were chosen on the basis of pertinence to this blog, which is first and foremost about big, fleshy, sensually ample curves. So whoever I left out, don’t feel offended! This blog is kinda/mostly about the “wider” BBWs (let’s say 60″+) but it could also be my Swiss-cheese mind: in any case you can at any time let me know who I forgot by just sending me a message on twitter, or by email or by leaving a comment here.

A technical note about the poll widget: you can vote only once, even if the widget allows you to “Return to poll”. If you try to vote twice, the second vote will not be counted. It’s a little weird, but that’s what WordPress offers me.

I will consider the results of this poll to know which models I should maybe write more about in the future. So go ahead, cast your vote now!

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One Response to “Vote for your favorite Fat Curvy Models!”

  1. blogblackstreetbbw Says:

    I have that pic on my hard drive. Where did I get it from…?

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