OPULENZIA: the Third Chapter, where Dream and the reality of Flesh appear to be the same

Ah, Carmela, cover my whole body with your flesh...

Ah, Carmela, cover my whole body with your flesh...

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A few minutes after having met Carmela, my big beautiful aunt, I was sitting in her bathroom with a pool of my own cum in the sink. The bulging curves of her body were too much for me. Her hips were so fat that just looking at them would make me feel hungry. Just thinking about them makes me want to copulate. But actually seeing those cow-sized, overflowing breasts and being hugged into them was something beyond descriptions. It felt divine to be inside that ocean of flesh, the richest, supplest flesh I ever touched.

“Am I really desiring my aunt?” All of a sudden, this thought stumbled through my mind. After all, even if I was young, I knew that desiring your own aunt is taboo.

“But what am I supposed to do? She is so fat, how can I not desire her…”

My taboo thoughts didn’t last very long, as I felt my cock twitching again. It was not a matter of choice. I was just a teenager and I simply wanted to grab the bags of cellulite on her hips. She was so fleshy there. So full and ample. Can you imagine, squeezing them in your hands, feeling them so soft, like melting between your fingers? Can you imagine to be hugged by tits so big that your head disappears in between them?

After this kind of reflections, I cleaned the sink from the spurts of my semen, and I adventured out of the bathroom. Something unexpected had happened while I was taking care of myself. Carmela was on the bed, and there was…. a man there! I guess I didn’t see him before since I so wanted to jerk off. And I didn’t see him immediately now, because she was hiding him. He was laying down, I believe his head was resting on a pillow. Carmela was above him, on her knees and hands. She had unbuttoned her dress completely to form sort of a tent around his body. I assumed her naked boobs were hanging down on him, like giant cow udders. Had she forgotten about me?

I couldn’t see very much of her skin, beside some legs. But inside “the tent”, someone was slurping on her copious flesh. He wasn’t even too shy about it: I could hear his suckling noises, his inevitable moans, and some gentle squishy splats of her wobbly bits. Probably he was playing with her pendulous breasts. He was right there, inside that paradise of tits. His hungry hands were moving beneath the light fabric of her dress, along the curvy surfaces of Carmela’s body. I could see him, going to the hefty bags of her breasts, shaking and squeezing them, then moving his hands along her back and down into her hips. His mitts would suddenly disappear, sinking into the luxurious gulfs of my aunt’s fleshy waist, just above the gargantuan ass. I stood there in silence, watching this surreal scene, holding my breath and trying not to move a single muscle. I felt my cock raising and becoming hard on its own.

Carmela was outrageous. She took her partner’s head and pulled it closer to the tip of her breast.

“Suck my nipple!”, she whispered. “Suck me! Suck my nipples, now!”

I am sure the man was squeezing the enormous globes around his head and certainly enjoying it, but maybe he wasn’t doing what she wanted. So Carmela pratically forced her huge teat into his mouth. That wasn’t without some effort. The first time she lifted the boob, I heard a loud “splat!”, as she had lost the grip on the fat tit. I imagined the man’s face being hit by a mountain of flesh falling down on him like a flood. I can only imagine all the watery fleshy ripples. Then Carmela lifted her massive boob again and pushed it over the man’s face, forcing the nipple right into his mouth. She was keeping him immobilized with her towering body.

“Now suck! SUCK!”

The man slurped on her tit, grabbing it like you would grab the giant udder of a cow. Carmela moaned, moved her head back and then over, enjoying every bit of the feeling. I started massaging my crotch, right there. Carmela spreaded her legs and knelt down a little bit more, surrounding the man with her large body and submerging him with her flesh.

The man came wildly, jolting uncontrollably. His spasms of pleasure were matched by the copious rolls of fat of her belly and thighs. The massive weight of her lower body also kept the man down, even if he couldn’t control his reactions to what looked like divine pleasure.

Shortly, Carmela got up and as she moved out of the bed, I quickly ran again into the bathroom again. I heard the slapping noises of her floppy gigantic chest. “Bella, bellissima, nice fat butt full of flesh, big tetonas, so thick and engorged with fat, milk, swollen, bella tettona, bella culona piena di carne, bella….” My body shaked and tossed with an unknown pleasure, the pleasure of being submerged by an enormous body full of curves and juicyness all around. Images of my past skinny girlfriends quickly flashed through my mind, when the full shapes of Carmela’s body came back to me: this last image was so powerful that made my body also jolted wildly. At the same time, I heard Carmela going down the stairs, shaking her copious cellulite.

I realized I never felt this way for any woman. Her body exuded lust, comfort, beauty, sweetness and I just wanted to dive into her and be hugged between her flesh, cuddle with her and love her, nuzzle up against her womb, and do whatever she wanted me to do.

When I got out of the bathroom, it was eerily quiet. There was noone on the bed. It was like nothing happened, and noone had been there. I went down the stairs to the lower floor. Carmela was there, laying on the couch, with her head resting against a pillow. Her legs were gently spreaded, and the top of her thin dress was partially unbuttoned. She was candidly revealing an obscene acre of cleavage.

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7 Responses to “OPULENZIA: the Third Chapter, where Dream and the reality of Flesh appear to be the same”

  1. G Says:

    Good. Fucking. God. Hottest story ever, so hot I can’t leave any trace of my own identity in this message. If part 4 has a sex scene with the narrator and his aunt…

  2. fatcurvystories Says:

    I’m glad you liked the story. Part 4 is long long overdue, as many things on this blog, but I wrote a good part of it. But it will come, oh yes… πŸ˜‰

  3. G Says:

    I can barely wait. I have returned to this Web site so many times hoping part 4 will be published. Gets me breathing so hard…

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  5. Todd Says:

    Hey is there anymore pics or videos of that hot chick up there? Because she’s fuckin amazing.

  6. fatcurvystories Says:

    @Todd, yeah, isn’t Selene wonderful? I have a few other posts with her, but you probably already seen them: https://fatcurvystories.wordpress.com/tag/selene/
    You can see she was an inspiration for a few of my writings… πŸ˜‰
    Feel free to bookmark the link above to receive more of her in the future!

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