Shameless Beauty and Shameless Brains

I love those fleshy hips, you just want to grab them, and those lips...

I love those fleshy hips, you just want to grab them, and those lips...

This post started as just a quick shout out to Shameless Angel but it turned out to be related to other models. But I’ll start with her since that’s how it started chronologically in my mind (for what it’s worth).


Pure Sex

Shameless Angel is a model I always admired for her luscious curves and super erotic lips — believe it or not the first thing I notice in a woman is her mouth. (That’s how my partner seduced me the very first moment I saw her photo.) I knew she also did photography and filming for other models — including the awesome MsDawnP! — but just yesterday I learned she ALSO does web design. And not just one site, check out the list here! I was just surprised to find many of my favorite models, like the aforementioned MsDawnP, Farrah Foxx, Desiree Device, Mandy

Anyway, that’s no small accomplishment. I love the fact that the internet empowers women so much and puts them in control of what they should be controlling in the first place. I feel dumb for realizing this is obvious and… normal. The sex industry is made 95% by women after all. I love women with this entrepreneurial spirit and, next to the pure shameless sexyness of some photos, it’s even sexier. Some photos of Shameless Angel are just pure sex.

Then, after tweeting a bit I found out she is not alone! So many more of BBW models are on twitter, so many build stuff, do designs, they film, and even develop! Catwoman69y2k, Gwen Dolan, SupathickMami, and this is just a short list… wow! This is awesome!

Not only their sites are really well-done, but if I’m getting this right, they are probably going to be more responsive and more open to suggestions than your usual male webmaster. I don’t recall getting follow-ups from guy-masters, but I got plenty from MsDawnP and Shameless Angel (just to name one).

Kudos to you, curvy geekettes. 🙂

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