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FatCurvyStories now updates every two days. I hope to keep it up!

May 31, 2009
I love that her fishnets sink into the softness of her meaty thighs

I love it that her fishnets sink into the softness of her meaty thighs

In case you didn’t notice, lately I’ve been adding a new blog post once every two days. I will try to keep this schedule for the future: to be precise, a new post will go up on the even numbered days. This way my readers will know when to expect updates. I can’t assure anything, but at least you know I’m trying!

Nel caso non aveste notato, recentemente il mio blog ha un post ogni due giorni. Sebbene non possa garantirlo con certezza, voglio mantenere questa frequenza anche per il futuro: per la precisione prevedo di postare nei giorni pari di ogni mese. Penso sia utile per i miei venticinque lettori sapere quando ci saranno gli aggiornamenti. Nel frattempo, godetevi le belle coscione grasse di Crystal, e immaginate quanto possa essere morbida quella carne lì nella parte interna delle sue cosce, dove si infossano le calze a rete.

(Photo is (c)

A Meaty Bodacious Secret

May 29, 2009
Queste son cosce...

Queste son cosce...

Meaty. I love women with real meaty thighs. Secret SINsation aka Bodacious Secret certainly has full, meaty thighs. As a matter of fact, they look so full her flesh is gorgeously bulging out in bubbles of lavish opulence.

The more I look, the more I love her cuddly maternal arms, the fleshy waist, the mountainous shelf booty; the more I look, the more I desire thighs that fat, full of butter and cream, passion and love.

Such big thighs are engorged with erotism. I imagine to be on my knees in front of my Goddess to adore her mounds of beauty, licking the glorious magnificence oozing out of the creases and bulges of her wonderful jiggly mountains.

(Photo is (c) You can find BODacious Secret on twitter at

Vote for your favorite Fat Curvy Models!

May 27, 2009
Too fat, too curvy... too gorgeous

Too fat, too curvy... too gorgeous

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a poll on the sidebar on the right. That’s right, you can now vote for your favorite curvy models! I admittedly left it open to multiple choices as I know how difficult it is to choose just one… there are so many big beautiful women! The models I listed in the poll were chosen on the basis of pertinence to this blog, which is first and foremost about big, fleshy, sensually ample curves. So whoever I left out, don’t feel offended! This blog is kinda/mostly about the “wider” BBWs (let’s say 60″+) but it could also be my Swiss-cheese mind: in any case you can at any time let me know who I forgot by just sending me a message on twitter, or by email or by leaving a comment here.

A technical note about the poll widget: you can vote only once, even if the widget allows you to “Return to poll”. If you try to vote twice, the second vote will not be counted. It’s a little weird, but that’s what WordPress offers me.

I will consider the results of this poll to know which models I should maybe write more about in the future. So go ahead, cast your vote now!

Oedipus and Kelly Shibari’s pillows

May 25, 2009
Lie between my pillows of flesh

Lie between my pillows of flesh

The oedipal seduction that BBWs (or some BBWs) can exert on their lovers has always fascinated me. The softness of the curves, the smoothness of their skin, the many bulges of their bodies… I always felt “at home” with a BBW. When my woman hugs me, presses her body against mine, or when she wraps her plump arms around my neck, allowing me to dive into her fleshy, enveloping boobs… it’s a unique feeling. It makes you feel small and big at the same time, protected yet powerful. All that flesh around you is like a nest you want to be in forever, you want to feel the fat jiggling all around you and thrive in that pillowy garden.

I never had this feeling with a skinny woman.

(Photo is (c) Kelly Shibari)

OPULENZIA: the Third Chapter, where Dream and the reality of Flesh appear to be the same

May 22, 2009
Ah, Carmela, cover my whole body with your flesh...

Ah, Carmela, cover my whole body with your flesh...

Previous Chapter

A few minutes after having met Carmela, my big beautiful aunt, I was sitting in her bathroom with a pool of my own cum in the sink. The bulging curves of her body were too much for me. Her hips were so fat that just looking at them would make me feel hungry. Just thinking about them makes me want to copulate. But actually seeing those cow-sized, overflowing breasts and being hugged into them was something beyond descriptions. It felt divine to be inside that ocean of flesh, the richest, supplest flesh I ever touched.

“Am I really desiring my aunt?” All of a sudden, this thought stumbled through my mind. After all, even if I was young, I knew that desiring your own aunt is taboo.

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