Qane is back!

I love those big bulging hips, 100% pure cellulite, the softest and most beautiful ever!

I love those big bulging hips, 100% pure cellulite, the softest and most beautiful ever!

Ladies and gentlemen, Qane is back. And she is back with a brand new website where you can not only watch the wonders of her copious cellulite, but also admire other very curvy girls, although not as curvy as Qane. There are no new videos yet but her new photos are amazing. I really suggest you join because she has some of the best jiggling hips ever, and while chatting with me she even said she’d consider some of my ideas. Which, as you can imagine, involve a lot natural jiggling.

Anyway, in case you had forgotten, Qane is 75″ fat around her hips and that generosity makes her one of the most erotic BBW on the net. Her magnificent hips are back and it feels special to admire them again. Look at them again… they are still incredibly large, and each one is big like a basket-ball, but very soft. You will want to dive into those bulging bags of beauty. You will want to reach out and bury your whole face into those pillows, licking and squeezing everywhere like a hungry boy.

Her opulence is magical and abundant, like a river of soft elegance that seems to pop out of the screen. I love how the almost liquid oval of her butt is loaded with flesh, heaping with pleasure. And I adore how her hips become a shelf for passion, the most sincere and selfless love, willing to give life in such a luscious receptacle of lust.

(Photo is (c) Qane)

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3 Responses to “Qane is back!”

  1. blogblackstreetbbw Says:

    Honestly, I couldn’t even read the post, because I was too busy enjoying the pic!

  2. Qane Says:

    Thank you for the welcome back! It is great to be back, and I am glad you are enjoying my new pics! Be on the lookout for new video very soon 😉


  3. RiccardoFA Says:

    Qane is amazing, fantastic!

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