Some Super Dome Booty measures

So apparently SuperDome Booty, the magnificent 6’3″ (1m 90cm) tall amazon, weighs 400lb. That’s 180Kg of big fat curves for you! And when I say big I truly mean it. Her hips are supposedly 91″ (2m 31cm!) but in my opinion that’s not true. For instance, I think Asshley looks wider than her and she is “only” 75″. However I must say that Dome is taller, so… I don’t know, a comparison is hard to do. But these are the first measures I found of Super Dome, so I got pretty excited and I thought to post them. If you people know these numbers are way off or you know something more about her, please do let me know in the comments! Now enjoy the video.

(Video is (c)

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3 Responses to “Some Super Dome Booty measures”

  1. Sephiroth 1311 Says:

    Un culo della madonna!

    (peccato solo non sia più grassa nel resto del corpo, ma quel culo vale per 5 donne magre… ehehe!)

  2. browsing guest Says:

    According to the following website as of 10/21/08 her measurements are
    42, 38, 81.

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    thanks guest! updated my list of Fat Beauties.

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