Swimming between Mandy’s hips

(Image is (c) mandysplayhouse.com)

Mandy recently gained weight and she wants to show us how fat she is now. She is proud of the size of her hips. She worked hard to fatten them and make them look really full of flesh. Her legs look massive as usual. She has the thighs of a healthy female who cannot wait to procreate.

With those thighs she could be a sex educator and teach young males how to discover their bodies early on. Imagine this: What if you were 10 years old and you saw a woman like Mandy, all naked in front you? What do you think will happen to you?

Judging from the fatness of her curves (don’t they look maternal?) she will probably tell you to get naked, so she can see and explain what happens.

“Come here now, come closer to me… what do you see?”

“I see your behind!”

“How is auntie’s behind, dear? Is it big?”

“Yeah… it is so big! it’s like a mountain!”

“Is it a mountain or an sea?” she asks just before wiggling her ass, left and right. A lot of flesh moves and jiggle and bounces like a wave, splashing over another wave. Are you salivating already?

“Maybe it’s a sea…. a mountainous sea…”

“Do you want to… climb that sea? or is it too mountainous for you?”

“No no, I think I can climb it…”

“Really? Show me how would you do it, come on, try…”

You, inexperienced little kid, go behind her and look at the mountain. You try to get on top of her and to do so you grab her soft, buttery flesh with your small hands. Soon enough you end up falling forward on her, clumsily swimming on her large, comfy hips. The contact between your young penis and the softness of all that flesh gives you an erection almost immediately.

“Ha ha, I can do it, I can do it!” you say with sincere joy, almost not noticing the hardness of your cock. However, she does notice and she is right there to let let you know.

“I know you can, dear… but wait for a second and look around. What do you see?”

“I see… Your behind!”


“And… I see you!”

“That’s so sweet, dear, but what else do you see?”

“I see you… your hair, your arms, your back… your behind… and your hands.”

“Do you see my legs? My thighs?”

“Hmmmmm… no…”

“So, auntie is without legs? What are these then?” she asks, slapping one of her thighs. Copious waves of fat travel across of her body in an impressive display of opulence.

“Oh, that’s… meat! a lot of meat!”

“Why don’t you caress all that meat, dear…. do it slowly…”

As your hands sink into her womanly thighs, his penis gets harder and harder, to the point you cannot ignore it anymore.

“My weenie got hard like a stick, auntie…”

“Really? The softness of my thighs feels nice, maybe? Could that be it?”

“Maybe… as soon as I touched your meat… it feels nice, like velvet and oil and… whole milk all around myself.”

“And do you like it?”

“I like it, auntie…”

“Thanks… since you like my ‘meat’, do you want to feel something even softer? Move your hands up, move them over my butt, yes, continue, and then down a little…. yes, put your claws right there where it’s all bubbly, and… yes, squeeze, squeeze some more. How does that feel?”

“It is so soft! It’s like a yogurt, or a gelato, or like warm ice cream…”

“Oh, thank you, dear, I’m glad you like it… those are my hips. Now, don’t stand all the way back there… rest your belly on my behind, so you can touch my ‘meat’ better, yes? Just fall down on me, dear, fall into me like a fish, I will hold you…. once again.”

“Oh… oh, ha ha! I climbed you! Ha ha ha! I climbed you!”

“Yes you did! You’re so good! but now…”

“My willie feels so warm now…”

“… Yes, I feel your warmth as well, dear… now hold on tight on auntie’s hips, ok? I want to feel your hands squeezing really tight on my meat. Grab right there where it’s like a yogurt.”

“Hmmmm, yummy yogurt…”

“Yes… hold on tight ok?”

And then a healthy tsunami starts. Your woman shakes her hips moving all of her meat around you and you are right there in it. Your true self has never felt anything this beautiful. You are inside an ocean and you take pleasure in being shaken around between so much lavishness. You realize she has flesh even where you thought it was impossible. Big, soft pillows of fat everywhere. For everything you grab, there’s always some more around it. She is infinite. The sea is too deep and you almost feel like you’re drowning. But she lulls you into such an sweet pleasure that the feeling of being lost becomes part of it, inebriating. You keep squeezing and putting your hands everywhere you can, splashing and drifting away.

“Come to auntie, my dear, let it go… I can feel your hunger,” she said, shaking her mountains of fat, “all of this, is just for you.”

The inside of her thighs is bursting with hot, bubbly softness. She swallows you inside it, wrapping your body with the opulence of her figure. You leave your own body and melt with her beauty. You shake and spasm, pushing and grabbing, moving in ways you never moved before. Everything makes sense but you don’t quite understand why. You just are. Waves of lard are still bouncing around you. They feels soft, and so incredibly warm.

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One Response to “Swimming between Mandy’s hips”

  1. bbwlover57 Says:

    OH YES Lord Jesus I Jerry Gatlin here would MORE then LOVE to Swim between Mandy Hip this moment. I cant get enought of Women like Mandy here. Mandy you have a seriously ‘Pretty Face’ and Pretty BODY on you lady. 2-27-10.

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