How about a fat lap dance?

Can you imagine those incredibly long, incredibly fat legs dancing in front of you?

That’s the kind of woman I would want for a lap dance. Big, fat pillows of flesh over a pair of big long legs. And those legs are really fucking long, she is 6’3 (1m90cm) and she looks like she’s all-thighs. Long legs means she can store more flesh into them. And she sure looks like she packed for the winter.

I love the super-squishy slabs of lard on the inside of her thighs; those fat chunks are so full of cellulite you can see them dancing on their own. Women are so beautiful and sometimes they don’t even know how much men can lust for them.

Super Dome, if you ever decide to put on some more weight, just rest assured it will look divine on you.

(More videos of Super Dome Booty at

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One Response to “How about a fat lap dance?”

  1. Sephiroth 1311 Says:

    If you liked that, then I bet you’ll LOVE this one:

    Btw, fantastic video (as always). 😉

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