Check the heaps of cellulite on my butt

Sometimes a man likes to be show off. It’s reassurance, really. He likes to see how much fat is really on his woman’s ass. That’s why the gentleman in the clip is so exhilarated. There’s so much jello on that ass he can’t stop shaking it. He can’t believe his woman is so womanly. He feels proud to deserve such an opulent goddess and his ways of showing his love is very sincere and direct. He wants to show his friends the luxury he lives in every day.

But don’t let be fooled however about who’s really in control there. She is. She knows she has many pounds of cellulite around her hips and all along her long thighs. She knows he is addicted to it. She knows he will do anything she asks, anything, to get some of that fat piece of meat. She got fatter for a reason, after all. She is a smart, dark, fat lady. When the camera’s off, she is the Queen.

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