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Such beautiful, opulent curves. I decided: Ms Dawn P is perfect.

January 29, 2009
Wouldn't you have a heart attack if a woman so curvy walked to you like that?

Wouldn't you have a heart attack if a woman so curvy walked to you like that?

It’s really hard for me to think at – let alone determine – who’s my favorite model. There are so many beautiful girls out there! But if I have to choose one that one will probably be Ms Dawn P.

I never understood people looking out for the girl with the perfect body because in my opinion it doesn’t make any sense at all, however… who can deny that Dawn’s body is absolutely perfect? It totally is. She has astounding breasts that defy any laws of gravity. She has a wonderful round belly that redefines the meaning of sensuality. She has large comfy hips to satisfy even the pickiest lover. And finally her magnificent thighs harmoniously tie her figure together in one of the most amazing display of curves and opulence. I forgot to mention the perfect roundness of her derrière but that was actually intentional: I just wanted to be nice to less-endowed girls, but yes, ok, Dawn also has a very round and beautiful booty. 🙂

In my opinion she truly is the perfect hourglass. And I like my hourglasses with lots of curves.

She is amazingly beautiful, and of a rare kind of beauty. Don’t misunderstand me, there are so many many other absolutely wonderful models out there, also incredibly beautiful (and I write about them in my blog). But the truth of the matter is that for no other model I wait the release of a new video like I do for Dawn, i.e. counting the days. That may sound a little childish but I don’t care. At every new video release I get a thrill like a fifteen years old… what can I do. I’m a pervert.

She got some serious curves. Seriously, I can’t imagine any straight man worth his name turning down a night of passion with Dawn. I just can’t. If you are single and you turn her down, then you’re kinda strange in my humble opinion. Even if you like skinny chicks, I think you should at least try what it’s like with a BBW if that was Dawn. No offense to anyone, but… just look at her. She is the epitome of fertility and lust. The embodiment of sweetness. She is Juno. And when she walks toward you with those large killer curves, you truly feel your heart skipping a beat, and something else down there catching it.

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Uscire con Ms. Boricua

January 28, 2009
Click to see video!

Click to see video!

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Questa è la seconda parte di un ciclo di storie dedicato a Ms Boricua. Storie passate:
Capitolo 1

Io in generale penso sia giusto enfatizzare le bellezza di una donna, non nasconderla. Secondo il bon ton dell’amante della Bellezza, bisogna vestire la propria donna in modo che la sua opulenza sia ben visibile a tutti. Se poi avete una donna come Ms Boricua, a maggior ragione è doveroso mostrare le sue curve ad ogni occasione sociale, avendo cura di esporre le sue abbondanti doti come se fosse una mucca da carne.

Se uscissi con Boricua le farei mettere un vestito attillato e molto sottile, in modo che i gnocchi di carne sui suoi fianchi si vedano bene. Non dimentichiamoci poi che Boricua ha anche un seno generoso, che va munto regolarmente, per cui mi assicurerei che il vestito esponga anche una generosa scollatura. Ma soprattutto chiunque deve essere in grado di capire che questa è una donna dai fianchi rotondi e inzuppati di grasso.

“Ti piace questo vestito? E’ molto corto, mostra quattro ettari di cosce come piace a me…”

“Sì è bello… però, perchè non ti metti questo invece? E’ ancora più attillato…”

“Ma quello è troppo lungo! Mi arriva fino a metà coscia, addirittura…io volevo mostrare di più il grasso dei miei prosciuttoni…”

“E’ vero, è un po’ più lungo, però e’ talmente attillato che si vedono tutte le tue bolle di cellulite, tutte quelle fossette libidinose… Voglio che il lardo dei tuoi fianchi si veda papale papale anche attraverso il vestito, quasi come se fossi nuda”

The fat hips of Melinda, an unknown goddess from the Northern lands

January 22, 2009
Una bella gigantessa, ben dotata nel reparto cosce e fianchi

Ben dotata nel reparto cosce e fianchi, un corpo da gigantessa

I just found out about this model. That’s the only nice picture I have. Her name apparently is Melinda Balogh, but that’s about all I know. She is supposedly Hungarian, but I am not sure. Balogh seems to be a Hungarian name standing by google results. Could also be German, but her last name doesn’t sound German.

If any of you guys know anything more, please post them here in the comments.

In any case she is very beautiful. She is very well endowed in the thighs and hips departments. Her lovers will certainly appreciate the generous loads of cellulite. She also looks very tall, an amazon of the Northern lands. Her thighs are full of butter and her hips can keep a baby and a man warm, throughout the whole winter.

Why BBWs are the girls to marry: an ode to fat women

January 15, 2009
Quelle non son cosce, son depositi di lardo...

Quelle non son cosce, son depositi di lardo...

How beautiful women can be. They just have to put on some weight, fatten up their thighs and unleash the torrid sensuality of their curves. That’s it. I mean, look how fat are those thighs. There’s cellulite all over the place. They are so soft the panties sink like butter into her flesh. Look how round those legs are. And look at that ass, it’s so tall and wonderful you feel like you have to climb it. Look at her fleshy waist and belly, and at her generous breasts. They are all yours to squeeze, suck and adore. And finally, look at her big, wide hips. That’s going to be your home. You want to be in a warm, cuddly home where you feel welcome, where you can relax and unwind, and feel safe. You want a king size bed of flesh with big fat love handles to hold on to. That’s what a fat woman can give you. A lot of erotic pleasure, a lot of love. Can you give back something equally great?

(The photo is (c) Kellie Kay)

I adore cottage cheese

January 11, 2009
Tall mountains of cottage cheese

Tall mountains of cottage cheese

That’s a butt overflowing with cellulite. Why would I want Kate Moss when I can have that?

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