The magnificence of MsDawnP’s big thighs

MsDawnP's wonderful big thighs are an ode to prosperity and reiterated lust

MsDawnP's wonderful big thighs are an ode to prosperity and reiterated lust

Not only MsDawnP has abundant breasts, whose slope emerges behind her, but also she has gorgeous fat thighs. I adore her big thighs, they are so healthy and so packed with cellulite. They look deliciously soft yet so round and shapely. Just look at her… if it wasn’t that you know she is very generously endowed in the chest department, you would say she is all thighs, long, never ending, beautiful thighs that extend in more than one dimension. Not only long, but also thick and tall. “Una bella cosciona”, as we say in Italian.

Can you imagine if she wears a mini-skirt? With all that beautiful flesh jiggling openly, she will stop the traffic and wreak havoc in the streets. Men will turn around ignoring their girlfriends, grandpas will get horny once again, and teenagers will try to seduce the first BBW they meet. Certainly, you’ll want to be sure to stare at her as she crosses the street in front of you, with her decadent cheese cake thighs and her pair of huge, jiggly boobs bouncing all over her cleavage.

Ms Dawn, you never cease to amaze. You should be the next Bond girl with legs like that!

photo is (c) Check out her latest photoshoot!

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4 Responses to “The magnificence of MsDawnP’s big thighs”

  1. morgan Says:

    MrsDawnP è sicuramente fra le prime 5 donne più belle del Mondo!!1

  2. Sephiroth 1311 Says:

    Primo pensiero appena ho visto la foto: Opporcaputt…

    Perché non sono tutte così prosperose, le donne italiane? 😦

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    belle cosce, eh? pensate che ognuna misura 94 cm di circonferenza. Novantaquattro.
    @morgan senza dubbio. Dawn ha tutto, coscione piene di cellulite e mammelle tipo mucca da latte. Che Donna fantastica.
    @sephiroth quando ho visto quella coscia così lunga e grossa ho pensato la stessa cosa. Non ho mai visto nulla di simile in italia. Non so cosa sia, ma in italia le donne non si ingrassano molto nelle cosce…

  4. zenzen113 Says:

    I always need a lot of cream to touch

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