Voglio accoppiarmi con la mia grassona e il suo metro e mezzo di fianchi

“Volevo una donna in carne, ma mai avrei pensato di meritarmi una femmina così grassa e senza mezze misure.”

Farrah's fat thighs remind me of my wife's thighs

Farrah's fat thighs remind me of my wife's thighs, click to see her cellulite

Stasera voglio accoppiarmi con la mia grassona. Mi son scelto una moglie bella grassa, un’ottava di tette, fianchi traboccanti carne e coscione inzuppate di lardo. Ha pure la tendenza ad ingrassare. Con tutta quella carne non penso ad altro che a tuffarmi tra i suoi fianchi e godere della sua abbondanza, avvolto dal suo corpo carnoso. Solo a pensarci mi sta venendo il cazzo duro.

Oggi mi sento particolarmente desideroso di lei. Forse perchè la guardavo mangiare seduta di fronte a me con le sue tettone obese spiattellate contro la tavola… la carne è debole, e in questo caso pure tanta. O forse perchè la guardavo seduta alla sua scrivania, con il suo bel culone florido che straripava da entrambi i lati della sedia. Quando si siedeva, tutto il grasso dei suoi fianchi e del suo culo giunonico si comprimeva e si espandeva all’infuori, come acqua spostata da una nave che attracca al molo.

E’ con questi pensieri che penso a lei, tutto il santo giorno. Essendo cresciuto in Italia non sono abituato a vedere così tanta roba tutt’insieme. Non sono ancora abituato a vedere un culo così grosso e spesso, ricolmo di cellulite, che parte dalle cosce e si arrampica su fino a metà schiena. Un ammasso di carne, una montagna steatopigica come le nere africane. In Italia non l’avevo mai visto, nemmeno immaginato. Dicono che un culo così faciliti la crescita dell’embrione perchè e’ un deposito di nutrimento vicino all’utero.

guarda lì quanta carne

guarda lì che belle cosce grasse

E poi le cosce. Mi ha portato in dote due cosce più grosse di un prosciutto. Sono proprio da mattatoio, da maiala grassa, con dei bei gnocchi grassi di cellulite, visibili ad occhio nudo. Le voglio accarezzare le gambe e sentire quei gnocchi sotto le mie dita, sono tipo montagne di puro grasso che e’ una goduria stringere. Altro che le gambe delle veline… voglio copulare con una donna con due coscione talmente grosse che ci posso affogare dentro.

Quando la prendo da dietro poi, mi accorgo della differenza abissale tra lei e una mingherlina. E’ divino trovarsi di fronte ad un bel culone avvolgente, largo due volte te, ben tappezzato di grasso. Parlo di un bel metro e mezzo abbondante di fianchi, non di qualcosa tipo Valeria Marini. Parlo di un’iperbole di opulenza.

E allora stasera voglio entrare dentro quel metro e mezzo, la voglio montare da dietro e farle vedere quanto mi fa godere. La voglio far mettere in ginocchio sul letto, allargarle le gambe, e penetrarla mentre le afferro i gnocchi di amore sui suoi fianchi pasciuti. Le voglio palpare per bene tutto il culo mentre mi sbatto contro quei cuscini di lardo. Come mi piace così lardosa. Voglio stringere il grasso delle sue coscie e mi voglio aggrappare alle sue montagne di cellulite mentre mi spingo dentro di lei. Voglio riempirmi le mani con la sua carne. Voglio accoppiarmi mentre la abbraccio attorno al suo ventre, come un animale in calore. Le voglio strizzare le sue tettone obese come se fosse una mucca da latte, sì, la voglio palpare tutta come se fosse una mucca. Non solo le tette e i fianchi, ma anche la pancia, i suoi rotoli di lussuria, le cosce, persino le braccia. Voglio venire dentro di lei, fecondare il suo ventre. Le voglio dire che è una bella mucca da latte e da carne, divina nella sua opulenza smodata, e adorabile nella sua lussuria.

Photo (c) farrahfoxx.com

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5 Responses to “Voglio accoppiarmi con la mia grassona e il suo metro e mezzo di fianchi”

  1. davide Says:

    WOW, sei davvero fortunato. Il tuo racconto mi ha eccitato sul serio. Ti prego, poi raccontaci come è andata.
    Da come la descrivi la tua donna è meravigliosa.!!!!

  2. One Star Says:

    Why do big, curvy women have to be so luscious and beautiful? *sigh* And why do we never see them in movies or in the media? I’ll never understand. Are people really so provoked by curves and genuinely feminine women? Is the world really that blind and ignorant? And vicious?

    I always LOVE reading your stories, FatCurvyStories. Kudos to you. Though, I get a little annoyed when you write in Italian, because I don’t speak Italian. But I bet you’re even more eloquent when you write in your own mother tongue. It’s such a crime that all these goddesses don’t get the recognition they deserve. How is it possible to resist and ignore a BBW? I mean, they are so incredibly erotic! They ARE sex (if that makes any sense). I know I can’t resist. I refuse to resist.

    It was Amarcord that turned my world around. I believe that movie made an impact on you as well. I always compare all the women I see with Maria Antonietta Beluzzi (the Tobacconist). Yeah, I guess it’s kind of funny and silly, but I just can’t help it. I couldn’t have cared less about Gradisca. It was all about the Tobacconist. I’ll never forget her soft body, her gorgeous breasts and her pale blue sweater/cardigan. I would have given ANYTHING to be in Titta’s shoes.

    Personally, I’ve NEVER forced myself to find skinny women attractive. I just can’t get aroused by them. It’s simply impossible. Neither do I think that I’m strange (in any way) for having the preference that I have, and I most certainly don’t want to be a hypocrite. There are way too many hypocrites out there already, who crave larger women, but are too ashamed (for some pathetic reason) to tell the world about it. SHAME ON THEM! By the way – I’ve never regarded myself as a fat admirer. I find that term somewhat offensive, and I generally don’t like labels. Large, curvy women are human beings. I’m not any “different” just because I happen to find big women extremely appealing. But maybe I’m just being too sensitive about this.

    Sorry for the extremely long post. I just had to get it out of my chest.

  3. One Star Says:

    Sorry, I meant “get it off my chest”. lol English isn’t my mother tongue either. lol

  4. fatcurvystories Says:

    @Davide: the mating with my wife went too too well… I will write a long story soon, for now I will only say one number: 4. 😉

    @One Star: thank you for the nice words, and yeah, sometimes I need to write in Italian. 🙂 Sorry… I know the majority of the world speaks English, but what I can do…

    I wholeheartedly agree with you 100%. I don’t know why the mainstream media is so dumb. Personally I think girls like MsDawnP, Syrianna, and others have everything to become a major success. I mean, seriously. They have killer bodies, cute face and curves to die for. I’m waiting for directors to start making new movies with these kind of shapes and body types.

    Recently a movie came out, Avida, with Velvet D’Amour. Velvet is one of the first BBW models I started following and not only she is endowed with very fat thighs and extra wide hips, but she is incredibly smart too. I am guilty of not having written a single post on her, but I must. She is basically an activist for people of size, using her own abundant charms to radically shape the fashion and entertainment industry. You should read what she says, she receives movie offers from major studios and she turns them down because they continue to give fat girls a bad image. She is a radical, and I do believe we need more women like her. She is totally awesome.

    As far as the Tobacconist (la Tabaccaia, in Italian) oh man, that scene shaped my teenage years. I’ve watch it over and over and over on a consumed VCR tape. I always loved how fat her boobs looked, they were so long and meaty, so juicy and bursting out of that over-stretched cardigan…

  5. One Star Says:

    You’re welcome. I always meant to post a comment here on your awesome little website, and now I finally have.

    I hope Velvet does what she can, but I’m sad to say that I’m not exactly holding my breath. Movie directors need to “come out of the closet” and be more brave when casting roles. The average person isn’t doing much to help either. People seem to lack brain cells when it comes to understanding real and healthy female beauty. It’s frustrating. I honestly don’t believe that we can just put the blame on the entertainment – and fashion industry. I think that the society (in general) is becoming more cold and cynical. This may sound horrible, but perhaps there just isn’t room for the amazing warmth and generosity of curves. People just aren’t erotically inclined these days. They are too busy. Curves are art. It takes time to really love and appreciate it. They are too amazing and beautiful for the average person to understand. Even though biologically curves scream SEX. People are blind to the obvious. Too bad Fellini is gone. There is this one actress that I find attractive, Christina Hendricks. Yes, she’s very skinny by our standard, but it’s better than nothing.

    I live in Scandinavia, and we have plenty of curvy and big breasted women here. Not as skinny and petite like in Italy and the rest of Southern Europe. Maria Antonietta Beluzzi (RIP) would have felt right at home up here in the cold North. It’s a tragedy she didn’t play in more movies. What a WOMAN. I feel pitty for anyone who hasn’t seen Amarcord. I really do.

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