Come into the Jiggly Paradise and swim, swim, swim…

An ocean of boob flesh jiggling in front of you as she walks

An ocean of boob flesh jiggling in front of you

It’s a long time since I was this shocked from a video. Maybe the first time I saw Susie Sparks I was as impressed after watching MsDawnP “Jiggly Paradise” video, but that’s a long time ago.

Like I said in my first review, Ms Dawn is walking around the office. She is not your regular office lady who wears austere outfits and long skirts. Oh no, Dawn is so generously gifted by Mother Nature that it would be a crime hiding her beauty away. And what’s wrong with showing acres of skin anyway?

Plus Dawn is very classy about it: she simply expose her overly maternal endowments. Some other women would maybe show some moderate cleavage, but not Dawn. She is more honest, she has a lot more beauty to show and so much BOOBS to offer. She doesn’t just have a cleavage, she has a big dam about to overflow. Her top looks like barely holding the weight and the jigglyness of her immense rack. And you watch all that beauty jiggle in front of you.

It’s like you’re put next to a girl carrying two overflowing jugs of milk. She walks and all that milk bounces and splashes away and you feel like you have to lick your lips. In Dawn’s case, those must be at least two gallons, of full whole milk. And the camera is right there, on top, on bottom, on the side, everywhere, all the way into that jiggly paradise! It’s beyond imagination… oh god, why did you make women so beautiful, why?

I really think Dawn is THE most voluptuous woman on Earth right now. And plus, there’s a second part to this video, from the photographer’s angle… I can’t wait, that must be even more erotic to watch!

If you like jiggly curves for days, visit and join her website!

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2 Responses to “Come into the Jiggly Paradise and swim, swim, swim…”

  1. will Says:

    Love this blog!!

  2. Janardhanaya Says:

    my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with he leave it to you to decide?

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