Welcome to Jiggly Paradise! (Part 1)

You're going to see waves all over

You are going to see waves all over

MsDawnP just posted a one of a kind video on her website. It’s called “Jiggly” or, as she sweetly subtitled it, “Jiggly Paradise 4 U”. I’m still in disbelief because this is so truly amazing and different from anything I’ve ever seen.



The thing is this video shows the jigglyness of her magnificent rack and that drives me crazy on a small chested girl… can you imagine how it is on girls like Dawn? Remember her enormously big boobs? Imagine how much they can bounce if she is wearing one of those push up bras that girls with A cups wear to show they have some boobs. If you think “a lot” you’re so wrong: it’s so much more that a simple “lot”. Well first of all Ms Dawn’s breasts are not just big, I mean, they are BIG. I’d even say her boobs are thick, although thick is usually referred to butt and thighs — which by the way are, most definitively, very, very thick. In fact, Ms Dawn’s legs are so thick and engorged with the richest, creamiest cellulite that I’d be very interested in ogling how her thighs jiggle when she walk, and how her hips shake the noticeable pool of beauty she has at the top of her butt.

But I digress. The topic of my perverted train of thoughts was not her nice legs, but her most famous endowment: the giant boobs.

Quite some time ago I had noticed the jiggly power of Ms Dawn. She has the best kind of breasts: the ones that are huge, thick (see above) and filled-to-the-top, always sticking and stacking out of everything she wears; and also the ones that are so incredibly soft they look like water, forming a lake of flesh that jiggles at the smallest of body movements.

Well, Ms Dawn P has both of those qualities. That’s why I suggested she should willingly expose the fullness of her jiggly factor, emphasizing it on every occasion with outfits that accentuate it. Women accentuate their beauty with make up and so on, so why should a big breasted woman not accentuate the creaminess of her chest?

That’s exactly what Ms Dawn P did with the Jiggly Paradise video.

The clip starts with a frontal view of her chest held by a big shelf bra. One of those bras that squeezes her boobs together allowing the flesh to stack up. God it’s so big. Dawn has so much stuff to put on that pile. So much. She is “Una bella tettona grassa” as I would say in my mother language. Lots and lots of buttery beauty, so rich and so soft it looks like a tub full of whole milk. That’s what she has. She doesn’t have just boobs, she got whole milk over there. That kind of opulence. I can’t think of anything more beautiful, more graceful than that.

That’s what you see, you have a first row seat in front of her giant chest, close enough you only see her fat boobs, very generously exposed. She looks so vast… “mountainous” and “oceanic” at the same time, you could climb and dive in there and then swim away.

I love the tent effect

I love the `tent` effect

Like a good hearted Queen she immediately starts shaking her chest to show you how abundant she is. Her breasts are so fat they have a unique buttery richness to them. Oh, all that flesh shaking in front of me… I’m dreaming it at night! How can I not dream that? Am I really a pervert if I love watching her copious flesh jiggling, bouncing, making waves? It’s just so erotic, beautiful, even peaceful. I love the incredible softness and buttery qualities of her maternal endowments.

And this is just the first 30 seconds of the clip. After that, the real fun begins as you follow Ms Dawn around in her office. Let’s just say I found her office outfit to be absolutely decent. Oh yes. It allows her to show off her giant amount of beauty.

The clip is long, it’s already available on her website and I am going to review it fully in the near future. It’s taking me a long time because every time I start watching it, suffice it to say that I can’t really type. 😉

Fellow readers and FAs, I highly recommend you to join her website, it’s truly one of the most outstanding websites out there for softcore BBW erotica.

Big bouncing boobs shown like a true Goddess

Big bouncing boobs shown like a true Goddess

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