MsDawnP doing laundry shows some delicious jigglyness

I love that ocean of boobies bulging out of the dress, so soft and magnificent

I love that ocean of boobies bulging out of the dress, so soft and opulent

I recently renewed my subscription to because I coulnd’t bear not to see the graces of Dawn everyday. Her smile is seductive and sincere. Her curves are so graceful and abundant. And her flesh is bulging and so generous you feel like you want to die in her arms.

There’s a new video on her website that I can’t stop watching. If you, my dear readers, are a little like me, you’re going to want to join her site pronto. The video I’m talking about is called “Laundry”.

It’s a simple video of her doing laundry, and like the most natural things it’s incredibly erotic.

Oh, those wonderful mountains of beauty, overflowing the bra...

Oh, those wonderful mountains of beauty, overflowing the bra...

What I love the most in this video is the outfit that Dawn is wearing, particularly the top. The top is a plain white bra/camisole that holds her gigantic boobs up together, literally forming a pool of flesh. As she moves, it’s like watching an ocean of beauty jiggling in front of you in all of its watery softness. And in fact the most precious moments are at the beginning and half-way through the movie, when she talks and walks back and forth (albeit too briefly!) and you can see her bountiful breast ocean jiggle like water. It is so incredibly beautiful and erotic I found myself drooling on the keyboard like a teenager who never saw a woman. It looks so delicious that I feel like reaching over the screen and drown in that marvelous ocean.

The most sensual and incredible thing is that she is not even trying, and everything moves so deliciously, bouncing, jiggling, almost popping out of the bra!! Can you imagine if she walked like that in front of you? With those bulging breasts that protrude in front of her like a water balloons, and that bra filled up to capacity and then more?

I honestly never saw anything like that. Dawn, whenever you’re going to make that Jiggly Walking Paradise video, I know you’re gonna cause me a heart attack! I can’t believe how incredible it can be… actually, now I CAN!! I just can’t wait, I keep repeating myself, but I know it’s going to be the best thing EVER made. Period. I just know it. And Dawn, you should seriously consider the “laundry” outfit… unless you have something even jigglier… 😉

She's so gorgeous... you really have to see how those breasts jiggle


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7 Responses to “MsDawnP doing laundry shows some delicious jigglyness”

  1. mike Says:

    I’ve always thought you were the bomb every time I see you I get goose bumps, your just so soft and curvy. Your so beautiful.

  2. hotskin112000 Says:


    oh i understand what you mean, i also would die to feel this nice, fat, sofly lady !!!

    hot pictures !!!


  3. Welcome to Jiggly Paradise! (Part 1) « Fat Curvy Stories Says:

    […] Quite some time ago I had noticed the jiggly power of Ms Dawn. She has the best kind of breasts: the ones that are huge, thick (see above) and filled-to-the-top, always sticking and stacking out of everything she wears; and also the ones that are so incredibly soft they look like water, forming a lake of flesh that jiggles at the smallest of body movements. […]

  4. Powerball Online Says:

    PLease more pics with her giant tits

  5. fatcurvystories Says:

    @Powerball – you should really subscribe to her site, !! I’ve been a member many times and it is AWESOME, trust me. Many high quality pics, many high resolution videos, two weekly updates…. it’s really great.

    Check this out:

  6. Fatfun Says:

    Dawn is really fantastic,I wish she would be my girlfriend. I love HER !

  7. fatcurvystories Says:

    @Fatfun, I really love how the abundance of her breasts fill up her top… she is so beautiful.

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