Bouncing as she walks

Today I saw an amazing Cow Goddess. I was at a traffic light on my bike and I see this wonderful female crossing the street right in front of me. She is 30 something, average height, wearing black pants and a white shirt. I can see she is quite chunky but not very much, probably around 220 pounds. But at least 20 of those pounds must have been tits.

I was 30 meters (or yards) away and her side view looked amazing. I could already see she was carrying a hefty load of milk on her oversized dispensers, because the flesh in there was bouncing like an earthquake.

Then she turned and came toward me. I crossed the street, going as slowly as possible. I noticed her shirt was buttoned up, but I could see an inordinate amount of boob flesh moving inside the shirt, it was shaking the shirt from the inside! Her body type was similar to Susie Sparks’ but slimmer, with same size boobs if not bigger. I almost tumbled down on my bike because I could not stop staring. Huge fat breasts are that beautiful.

video (c) Ms Kymera

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2 Responses to “Bouncing as she walks”

  1. blogblackstreetbbw Says:

    Hate to say this, but the second half of that story was real distrubing… still, the story got me to thinking about .
    You know what I would have done had I seen her! In addition to writing a story (you are a much better writer than me though!) I would have gotten her video for my website… or even just for me! That’s why I carry my camera in my pocket when I ride my bike. Hope I didn’t sound too much like bragging, because YOU are the one who gets to brag because YOU saw the tits and I didn’t! …But I like the YouTube video on here.

  2. kymera Says:

    Thank you for including my video in your wonderful blog!

    I just posted a new clip on YouTube where I tear off my shirt & show miles of cleavage 😀

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