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MsDawnP doing laundry shows some delicious jigglyness

October 20, 2008
I love that ocean of boobies bulging out of the dress, so soft and magnificent

I love that ocean of boobies bulging out of the dress, so soft and opulent

I recently renewed my subscription to because I coulnd’t bear not to see the graces of Dawn everyday. Her smile is seductive and sincere. Her curves are so graceful and abundant. And her flesh is bulging and so generous you feel like you want to die in her arms.

There’s a new video on her website that I can’t stop watching. If you, my dear readers, are a little like me, you’re going to want to join her site pronto. The video I’m talking about is called “Laundry”.

It’s a simple video of her doing laundry, and like the most natural things it’s incredibly erotic.

Oh, those wonderful mountains of beauty, overflowing the bra...

Oh, those wonderful mountains of beauty, overflowing the bra...

What I love the most in this video is the outfit that Dawn is wearing, particularly the top. The top is a plain white bra/camisole that holds her gigantic boobs up together, literally forming a pool of flesh. As she moves, it’s like watching an ocean of beauty jiggling in front of you in all of its watery softness. And in fact the most precious moments are at the beginning and half-way through the movie, when she talks and walks back and forth (albeit too briefly!) and you can see her bountiful breast ocean jiggle like water. It is so incredibly beautiful and erotic I found myself drooling on the keyboard like a teenager who never saw a woman. It looks so delicious that I feel like reaching over the screen and drown in that marvelous ocean.

The most sensual and incredible thing is that she is not even trying, and everything moves so deliciously, bouncing, jiggling, almost popping out of the bra!! Can you imagine if she walked like that in front of you? With those bulging breasts that protrude in front of her like a water balloons, and that bra filled up to capacity and then more?

I honestly never saw anything like that. Dawn, whenever you’re going to make that Jiggly Walking Paradise video, I know you’re gonna cause me a heart attack! I can’t believe how incredible it can be… actually, now I CAN!! I just can’t wait, I keep repeating myself, but I know it’s going to be the best thing EVER made. Period. I just know it. And Dawn, you should seriously consider the “laundry” outfit… unless you have something even jigglier… 😉

She's so gorgeous... you really have to see how those breasts jiggle


Kellie Kay, bella grassa, tanta e tutta da palpare

October 14, 2008
Bella cosciona piena di grasso, sei tanta

Bella cosciona piena di grasso, sei tanta

(c) Kellie Kay

Che bella vitella grassa che sei, piena di carne fin sotto il mento, ti voglio adorare e baciare dappertutto, in bocca, sul collo, in mezzo alle tette, sui fianchi, sulle coscie, sulla pancia, dovunque, sei tutta buona.  C’hai le mammelle grasse come piace a me, un davanzale epicureo di gioia e piacere su cui mangiare e nutrirsi. Hai un bel ventre rotondo e pieno, dalle curve soffici e armoniose, come una poesia sincera, facile da stringere durante l’amplesso.  E poi hai le coscie obese ed enormi come si confà a una vera Dea, fai bene a guardartele perchè sono meravigliose. Son così morbide, così piene con tutta quella bellissima carne, quei depositi di cellulite e quello spessore lussureggiante che poche femmine hanno.  Sei bella perchè sei grossa, sei “spessa” e piena come un bel prosciutto, compatta nella tua abbondanza.  Alcune femmine sono grasse solo nel seno, o nella pancia, trascurando il resto o viceversa, ma tu invece sei tutta grassa, hai proprio tutti i comfort immaginabili.  E vedo con piacere che i tuoi fianchi sono provocatoriamente più pieni e più larghi, sono belli, brava, mi piace un bel culone rigonfio di lardo, i fianchi armoniosi ed eleganti, strapieni di cellulite.

Se mai vorrai essere fecondata, con così tanto benessere da offrire, sarai sempre in grado di trovare un maschio pronto a soddisfarti.  Solo pensando ai cuscini di carne che hai sulle coscie, ti assicuro che io sarei sempre pronto a prenderti da dietro e ad aggrapparmi ai tuoi gnocchi di lardo, per accoppiarmi con te, palpandoti la cellulite e le mammelle mentre mi immergo nella tua opulenza infinita.

Le Montagne dell’Amore

October 11, 2008
Sono pronta per la monta

Sono pronta per la monta

(c) Dirty Little Diva

Bouncing as she walks

October 7, 2008

Today I saw an amazing Cow Goddess. I was at a traffic light on my bike and I see this wonderful female crossing the street right in front of me. She is 30 something, average height, wearing black pants and a white shirt. I can see she is quite chunky but not very much, probably around 220 pounds. But at least 20 of those pounds must have been tits.

I was 30 meters (or yards) away and her side view looked amazing. I could already see she was carrying a hefty load of milk on her oversized dispensers, because the flesh in there was bouncing like an earthquake.

Then she turned and came toward me. I crossed the street, going as slowly as possible. I noticed her shirt was buttoned up, but I could see an inordinate amount of boob flesh moving inside the shirt, it was shaking the shirt from the inside! Her body type was similar to Susie Sparks’ but slimmer, with same size boobs if not bigger. I almost tumbled down on my bike because I could not stop staring. Huge fat breasts are that beautiful.

video (c) Ms Kymera

Tutta quella carne da stringere

October 6, 2008
stringimi tutta...

stringimi tutta...

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