Will I be in Jiggly Paradise with Ms Dawn P?

Dawn, that red fishnet looks SO GOOD on you. 😉

It seems like Ms Dawn P is going to do a video from an idea I had! I almost can’t believe it myself but from a couple of messages on Twitter that’s what it looks like… WOW!

My video idea is simple… it all comes from the fact that everytime I walk down the street and I notice a woman whose fat boobs are bouncing all over the place, I just can’t stop staring. It’s so beautiful. So my idea is, focus on the jiggling 😉 Like walking around wearing an outfit that holds up your beautiful breasts, put them on display, and let them bounce and jiggle freely, step after step after step after step… that is so erotic. I love to see how abundant a woman really is and the natural jiggling is the ultimate display… it’s the inevitable beauty, the one you can’t control, the one you always display because that’s how you are “built”. That’s how you are.

And god, Ms Dawn P is so beautiful… I can’t stop watching the videos on her website, high resolution videos, amazing outfits and of course her glorious body… and in some parts of the videos her magnificent breasts jiggle like a bucket of water… it is so amazingly sensual. I feel like wanting to procreate!

Don’t you agree with me that watching such an abundant goddess normally walking around exposing her prosperous gifts would be just incredible?

Breasts, hips, thighs in Goddess-like proportions -- I find it so beautiful when the bra straps are so stretched out they look like they're forming a tent

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9 Responses to “Will I be in Jiggly Paradise with Ms Dawn P?”

  1. prasad Says:


  2. blogblackstreetbbw Says:

    I agree with you! One of these women needs to just attach a camera to her clothes on a little arm thing and point it at her cleavage while she walks around for a while. She will have to have a top on in order to make that work, but still, that will be so hot when someone does that!

  3. Motorcycle Owner Says:

    As always, It’s good to find plus size women who are proud of what they have. You gotta respect that in a woman.

  4. Dreckvieh Says:

    Was für eine Frau! Das ist Erotik pur…

  5. Welcome to Jiggly Paradise! (Part 1) « Fat Curvy Stories Says:

    […] some time ago I had noticed the jiggly power of Ms Dawn. She has the best kind of breasts: the ones that are […]

  6. cuckold_irish Says:

    this is the greatest site, and blog, with the most beautiful big woman, thanks for letting us enjoy all the jiggles,, and ms dawn p take my breath away, she is truely a Goddess, and has a new number one fan in me,, again thanks these are the best women and best blog

  7. fatcurvystories Says:

    Hi! All the credit goes to Ms Dawn P and the many big beautiful women of this world, for whom I try to sing their praises and illustrate their very refined charms. I should be the one thanking you for reading… and if this inspires you to find a BBW, or actually the BBW of your dreams, generously endowed with much flesh and curves, then that will be my biggest accomplishment. 🙂 Stick around!

  8. rich-man-seeking-bbw Says:

    can contact me i have job for you lonelyinkokomo2@tmail.com

  9. femsup Says:

    Dawn Perignon is a vast and beautiful Goddess.I just love watching fat huge breasted women just move around ordinarily going about their business.The sexy waves of tit flesh moving and undulating and occasionally crashing together cause me to go into a state of excstasy.

    You are so right fatcurvystories if tiny breasted sisters can do it showing off their piled high cleavage that wobbles a little then why can’t full blown proper sized women do it.If someone of her size were to wobble towards me I would fall down on my knees and whimper.

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