Desiree bouncing her beautiful Fat breasts in a classy liquid Ocean of Flesh makes me feel in Love

I really love Desiree Devine. She is just so beautiful and so erotic. She has big 44H boobs that will nurture her lover for a life time. She is fleshy everywhere, with measures as generous as 54-44-62 (for Europeans that’s 137-111-157!) you are assured to find rounds of fat everywhere — yet she is curvy like a hot pinup girl. She is real, too. She is bold and tall like a true Northern Goddess (6 feet or 1m 82cm), and she knows how men like me lust for her. I especially love how she is aware of all this.

This awareness comes all out in the following video, where she bounces her fat big breasts for us. Her bosom has such a rich buttery texture. While I am inevitably lusting for her I’m thinking, that’s what makes a Goddess a true Cow Goddess. As a man I love to see all that milky flesh bounce so much and so joyously, it is so beautiful, so lustful to see. So uniquely erotic. No skinny girl could do that. It would never be as deliciously watery as Desiree can show us, because her boob texture is extremely rich thanks to generous abundance of her body.

That’s what makes a BBW a never-ending erotic tour, you will always see jiggling bits of her when she walks around you and you will always know she is abundant and ready for mating. When I see beauty like Desiree‘s I feel generous and in a good mood, I feel like adoring my woman (a BBW of course), I feel like drinking milk from her rich opulent breasts, I feel in love and in the mood of giving all my love. I’ve never felt this way for a skinny girl.

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5 Responses to “Desiree bouncing her beautiful Fat breasts in a classy liquid Ocean of Flesh makes me feel in Love”

  1. murciélago Says:

    Perhaps, the main difference between a Cow Goddess and a Northern Goddess lies in the breast size: huge for the former, tiny the latter. In other words, a hourglass vs a pear-shape. However, Desiree is truly note of worth: I didn’t know about her awesome 6 feet-height!

  2. desireedevine Says:

    Wow… thank you so much for the blog, I’m so flattered! I very much appreciate your appreciation for me and it makes everything I do more enjoyable and worthwhile!

    Much love, Desiree

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    You are welcome Desiree, I really love that jiggly video!!

    I’d ALSO LOVE to see a video of you walking around in a tight shelf bra, exposing the natural jiggliness of your boobs as you walk… Kinda like your entrance in Keith’s video where your boobs are bouncing all over… I don’t know why nobody does that, it’s so erotic, and you’d look PERFECT!!

  4. fatcurvystories Says:

    murciélago, I think your analysis is correct! Desiree is really beautiful and her height is quite rare, she looks even more imposing with those big flesh curves… BTW my post obviously misses a “never” in the last sentence! Gonna fix that now…

  5. adan Says:

    mmmmmm,,,i wish she can do dat on my face mmmmmm i`ll be so blad lol

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