Mounting the Female with the Fattest Hips

Here are the joys of flesh. The happy guy probably can’t believe how lucky he got. He gets to mate with one of the most opulent females on the planet: Massive Mocha, also known as Chocolate Desire. As you can see, she has really fat, very abundant hips. She probably is endowed with the biggest and fattest hips ever.

It’s important to get fat hips for fertility, just at an instinctual level you want her to carry your children, you want some security, and hips so engorged with fat will give you that kind of feeling. Mocha’s have cellulite for years to come.

Mating with a woman that large will make a guy feel better than mating with a smaller one. Look how big she is. Look at her thighs, she is like three times his size. If you give pleasure to such a Goddess, you are going to feel more manly than ever.

He is jumping on her and fucking her as hard as he can. He is happy to feel so much flesh around him. She is really a mountain of flesh, and those massive buttocks are so thick he has to climb them. Look at how he jumps on top of her, he’s hungry, he wants her, he want to unite with all that beauty. She is so gorgeously fat he can fuck her as his real self, a hungry, passionate animal.

It is something else to climb on top of a massive body like that and feel surrounded by so much flesh, from your knees up to your face. Because his face is probably buried between her huge tits.

She is mountain, but she is also ocean. Look at those rolls of lard, they are so juicy they are almost liquid. You could just put your face in there and swim. Or you can use them as the softest pillows, like he does. Personally, I would like to put my hands on the fattest part of her hips, dig my hand in there and squeeze her fat hips. She is so beautiful. (E’ una bella mucca da monta, con tutto quel grasso abbondante, come si fa a non volerla fecondare…)

Also, he doesn’t have to worry about hurting her. Her copious padding not only gives comfort to him, but also puts her in control. Her body is just so much bigger than in any case, she is at an advantage. If he is not a good male, she can reject him easily and get a new one. But when she opens up those legs to you, I can assure you you are going to feel special.

These thoughts are true for every BBW in my opinion, she doesn’t have to be opulent like Massive Mocha to intoxicate you with that kind of divine lust. All you need is 250 pounds of joy. You will feel empowered to mate with somebody so much larger than you. I feel like an animal impregnating a beautiful cow, lying on a bed of flesh, wrapped into the opulence of a goddess.

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One Response to “Mounting the Female with the Fattest Hips”

  1. murciélago Says:

    Another Graceful Cow Goddess.

    I would like to see the expression of his face, while mating with Mocha: I imagine him as Giancarlo Giannini in somewhat Lina Wertmüller’s movie.

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