Mandy Blake, a round pyramid of desire

As I said other times, I was born a boob man. I have been admiring huge female breasts since the age of twelve, when Serena Grandi changed my life. Mandy Blake is one of those models that made me “evolve” beyond boobs. Mandy has big boobs nonetheless, but her most distinguishing feature is the meaty abundance below her tits. However, I didn’t realize how attracted I was to that fleshy opulence: at the time I was only looking for big breasts. But for some reason Mandy instantly become one of my favorite models even if she didn’t have the biggest and juiciest boobs.

Even more strangely, I thought she was my favorite because of her beautiful breasts. But now that I know better the subtle ways of seduction, I know how she conquered me. She conquered me with big boobs on top of a very wide, very curvy mountain of flesh.

Mandy drives you across lakes of soft flesh. She is a one-of-a-kind paradise, so let’s follow the curves of her bubbly body. Starting from her long meaty legs she drives your senses to the ecstasy of her wide hips, which nowadays expand to the remarkable girth of 64 inches! And like Murciélago observes, this measure will probably grow in the future (I will have a separate post on Mandy remarkable growth soon).

Such a large ass leaves plenty of room to play with. She will easily wrap your lustful desire into her soft, recessed alcove, and keep you safe and sound inside her warm womb. You will indulge into her sumptuous thighs, so thick and buttery to look like massive pillows, lavishly padded with many generous pounds of cellulite. And you will grab those pillows of flab, you will squeeze them as you please and adore them until you die, for they are thick and heavy when they capture your whole body.

Then, looking up, you will admire the sublime proportions of those enormous hips, noticing they are large enough to provide a healthy foundation, so that everything above them has the chance to bloom and prosper. Admire the large masses of lard on those enormous buttocks, and applaud their ample shape! Mandy radiates Goddess-like beauty right from her hips.

Above all that hilly buttery landscape, her figure curves voluptuously into one of the most lavish, pulpy, mouthwatering gulfs you can encounter. It’s the Waist Gulf, where the richest and warmest waves meet in the calm refuge between the womb and the milk farm.

That’s what made me grow beyond boobs. Just look at the picture here. She is literally oozing lust. Ancient instincts are awakened. I see her laying on the pillows, and I want to mate and procreate. And it’s not just the boobs: the boobs are beautiful, but they appear divine and so incredibly desirable because of the magnificence of her lower body.

It’s all in those fantastic rolls. The first roll is a little chubby, delicate and smooth like a fresh lily. The second one is fuller, much thicker and exuding a lavish feeling of opulence as it covers the panties slip. The third, right above the thighs, looks like a deposit of lust. It is so fat that it bulges like a magnificent bag full of meat. You can even see the buttery bubbles of her copious cellulite. And after that, the infinite expanse of her wide breeding hips and her big, chunky thighs awaits you.

She is what I call a round pyramid of desire. First she reassures you with the mountains of flesh on her hips and thighs, and then if you still weren’t convinced, she offers you the maternal temptation of her big fat boobs.

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