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Squeezing Super Pear’s hips, big plushy pillows of fat

August 30, 2008

There’s a new queen for the largest hips in the world: Super Pear from! Super Pear has 101 inches of hips, or 2.56 meters! MercedesBBW has been doing an incredible job in finding these magnificent women. Her new venture also feature Chocolate Pear, also abundantly beautiful, with a massive steatopygous ass.

But Super Pear… how fat do you want your woman to be? How curvy do you want her to be? If you answered “a lot” to both, like me, then Super Pear is for you. I saw her website this morning before going to work and I fantasized about her all day.

I imagined being friend with her and going out with her and some friends. The designated driver would be the one with the biggest car, in order to accommodate her extra-wide hips. She always sat in the back, of course, and I always tried to sit next to her. Usually she would sit in the center of the back seat for some reason. Maybe because she wants men to feel how curvy she is.

She is so opulent and beautiful that when she sits down, her hips — so loaded with fat — expand to the side a lot. This happens with everyone to some extent, but with Super Pear you could actually feel big, fat pillows of flesh pressing on your body. They are so pillowy that when I get in the car, while she cheers at me, she actually lifts her fat pillow, let me sit next to her, and then drops her huge mountain of fat on my thigh.

While we drive I always squeeze her hips and bulging thighs. I love to sink my fingers in all that fat. She lets me do it. This happens since the first time I met her. As soon as I sat close to her I got an immense hard-on. I couldn’t control it, so I just followed my instincts and began caressing her. Her flesh was just too inviting and all I meant was to show my love and admiration. She was impressed by my audacity and after lifting her skirt all the way, she asked me, “do you like fat thighs?” She tapped on them to show me how liquid they were. And they were like an ocean, with big waves of flesh moving everywhere. My friend of the other side of her also realized to have a huge erection. She was quick to reassure him too, “Don’t worry, I got fat for everyone!”

She indeed has. And she liked us and our passion. That’s how we became friends.

Desiree bouncing her beautiful Fat breasts in a classy liquid Ocean of Flesh makes me feel in Love

August 24, 2008

I really love Desiree Devine. She is just so beautiful and so erotic. She has big 44H boobs that will nurture her lover for a life time. She is fleshy everywhere, with measures as generous as 54-44-62 (for Europeans that’s 137-111-157!) you are assured to find rounds of fat everywhere — yet she is curvy like a hot pinup girl. She is real, too. She is bold and tall like a true Northern Goddess (6 feet or 1m 82cm), and she knows how men like me lust for her. I especially love how she is aware of all this.

This awareness comes all out in the following video, where she bounces her fat big breasts for us. Her bosom has such a rich buttery texture. While I am inevitably lusting for her I’m thinking, that’s what makes a Goddess a true Cow Goddess. As a man I love to see all that milky flesh bounce so much and so joyously, it is so beautiful, so lustful to see. So uniquely erotic. No skinny girl could do that. It would never be as deliciously watery as Desiree can show us, because her boob texture is extremely rich thanks to generous abundance of her body.

That’s what makes a BBW a never-ending erotic tour, you will always see jiggling bits of her when she walks around you and you will always know she is abundant and ready for mating. When I see beauty like Desiree‘s I feel generous and in a good mood, I feel like adoring my woman (a BBW of course), I feel like drinking milk from her rich opulent breasts, I feel in love and in the mood of giving all my love. I’ve never felt this way for a skinny girl.

Desiree Devine in “I Get Chubby” music video, big fat bouncing breasts!

August 22, 2008

BBW model Desiree Devine was featured in a rap music video by Keith From Up Da Block!! The video is great and the music is fun, and Desiree is a sight to behold. Her tall curvy body is staggering and her big fat boobs are mouth watering: they bounce and jiggle all over the place, showing off their softness and richness. I love her choices of dresses, really flattering for her. There’s a scene at the beginning where she walks in in a black dress and her boobs are just… amazing, bouncing all the way up to her chin, like a sea of flesh. It’s so erotic yet classy in my opinion.

I wish I could see sensual women like Desiree in mainstream movies…

Fat Curvy Twitters!

August 21, 2008

Just a quick post to announce that Fat Curvy Stories is now ALSO on Twitter! If you’re not familiar with it, Twitter is a micro-blogging platform, and you can find some Fat Curvy Stories Twitters at!

Coscie da palpare, coscie da succhiare

August 16, 2008
cosciona grassa

I want to put my face between those beautiful fat thighs and feel her cellulite on my lips

Bella cosciona, c’hai talmente tanto grasso sulle coscie che mi fai venire fame… non oso immaginare come dev’essere bello quando le allarghi e mi accogli lì in mezzo! Hai davvero delle coscie tutte da stringere, io mi ci tufferei dentro… e mentre te le palpo per bene te le leccherei, ti succhierei i mucchi di lardo, vorrei sentire tutta la tua carne. Sai cosa farei? metterei le mie labbra lì sulla coscia sinistra dove c’hai quel gnocco di grasso che sporge un po’ in fuori, e inizierei ad adorarti. Mi piace sentire le increspature della cellulite tra le mie labbra. E tu di cellulite ne hai così tanta.

E sai che ti dona esporla così, come un mercato della carne? I tuoi prosciutti grassi sono un trionfo della natura sulle idiozie del popolo ignorante e inconsapevole. Lasciali al loro stupido blaterare. I di te amo tutto, anche il tuo bel ventre florido, l’ingolfatura sopra i fianchi, i seni delicati e i bei capelli ricci. Ma tutto quel ben di dio che c’hai sulle gambe è veramente qualcosa di incredibile, bellissimo ed irresistibile. Sai che più le guardo più mi sembrano inzuppate di grasso? Anche i tuoi stinchi sono belli grassi, più larghi delle mie coscie di sicuro. E poi, chissà come sei bella quando cammini, con tutto quel grasso che ballonzola…

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