The teats of the graceful Cow Goddess

Go to minute 8:20 of the video above (full video available here). You will see a very large curvy woman carrying her huge boobs across the supermarket, while looking for food. She has big, fat tits, protruding from her chest like soft pillows of flesh. You almost want to reach out and squeeze her as much as you can, squirting her milk out.

Look at her from the side. She is so fat and so beautiful, bella, with these two milky mammas up there. And then she walks toward you and god, she is even more impressive. Those are mountains, heaps of creamy flesh and milk. She fills up that top completely, her maternal opulence expands in every direction before overflowing. She is too much. “Troppo tanta”. And too much is beautiful.

Cows are so beautiful with their big engorged teats. And those tits must be engorged with milk. You almost want to approach her and gently ask, “do you need to be milked?” Then she will get down on all fours so you can slide underneath her and grab one of those fat teats with both hands and squeeze the milk out. Maybe I can join you on the other boob. There’s milk for everyone. “Mamma, mamma, allattami.”

She looks like a travelling meat market. “Do you need some meat? Milk? I have plenty here.” Look how big and massive are those magnificient tits. You can put your hands on them and when you squeeze them you’ll still see some titty goodness oozing through your fingers. She is so beautiful and graceful with those big fat curves. She also has a conspicuous butt and fat thighs to complete the offering. Her head looks so small compared to her body.

The best bit is at the end. You can see her walking next to you and you can’t help to look inside that cleavage. You see an ocean of maternal milk shaking and bouncing as she walk. She walks with the elegance and the pride of a goddess. She is carrying her rich milk to her lover and to her son, offering them her nutritious beauty. “Here, suck from this one too.” She will nurture them both, for her cow-sized teats are engorged with milk and need to be milked often. Just out of kindness, she will probably satisfy other persons in need of nutrition with the abundant fruits of her body. “Munch, munch, munch…”

That’s just a glimpse of what you can see in the full video, which features slow motions, repetitions of the bouncing parts… you can really see a vast sea of boob flesh bounce before your very eyes, trying to get out of the blouse. Her blouse is kind of high-cut, but she is so abundant that her tit flesh still manages to jump outside!

Admire the Cow Goddess and more everyday goddesses at BlackStreetBBW. Cherish them. Adore them. Please them.

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3 Responses to “The teats of the graceful Cow Goddess”

  1. murciélago Says:

    Great video. It might be some kind of advertisement or touristic propaganda towards European or Japanese bbw-admirers, telling them something as “visit USA, where all your dreams come true”…

    Above all, I love the 6:03-6:13 black-dressed blond beauty, with those insane hips: she’s a true Northern Goddess

  2. fatcurvystories Says:

    You are right, that blond girl has some really beautiful wide hips. She will have no problems giving birth.

    You are also right about the propaganda element 🙂 Having grown up in Italy, I know that a BBW lover has a hard time finding a non-skinny girl there.. and similarly so for the other European countries I visited. I just never found those big fleshy curves that I like… Must be the peanut butter that is so popular in the USA 🙂

  3. The Cow Goddess’ bouncing meat market « Fat Curvy Stories Says:

    […] He loves the sublime beauty of jiggling flesh. He is the one who saw the reincarnation of the Cow Goddess, and like I said, he has her on tape. The little GIF you see above is just a little taste of the […]

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