The Black Matron

Such large, fat hips, you almost want to put a hand on the side of her hips and squeeze all that fat

I was watching some clips at BlackStreetBBW and I noticed the woman above in one of them, among all the gorgeous pears and hourglasses you can find there. What a fantastic sight. Look at those magnificent hips… they are so wide you don’t see the cart holding her groceries. I don’t know the measures of a normal American grocery cart, but it’s pretty big… I would say at least 35 inches wide. That means those hips are at least 70 inches all around!

Big, fat pillows of flesh.  Look at all that fat lying underneath her skirt, 4 hands are not enough to squeeze the vastity of those heaps of fat

She must store so much fat in those hips. Big, huge sacks of fat all over the place. Look at her from the side, those maternal hips are so engorged with cellulite. Look how thick she is. Her hand is so small compared to the depth of her body. Normally you can grab a skinny girl’s waist front to back with one hand, but with our goddess here, one arm is not enough! If I were her lover I’d plunge my hungry hands into her fleshy waist and squeeze all that fat real good, rolling the dough for hours.

And then look at the vastity of those hips again. She must have pillows of lard piled up on her hips, can you imagine grabbing her from behind and mate with her? Yes, imagine if she brings you to the bedroom, she strips naked and lies face down, opening her thunder thighs. She invites you to mount her. It’s like an ancient mating call. You get on her with your hard cock, feel the softness of her thighs, and slide yourself inside. She is so large you feel like you’re entering her with your whole body. You push hard with desire with all your strength, not worried that you might hurt her because she has so much padding. Your thrusts end onto her bulging buttocks, so fat they form two huge pillows of jiggly flesh. There’s so much flesh for you to grab that you feel completely safe. You fuck her like an animal, diving into that ocean of lard with all your passion, splashing into her, occasionally grabbing her from her fat hips. When you put your hands on the side of her hips you feel your hands sinking into an ocean of cellulite. You grab and squeeze, and sink your hands as deep as you can into that creamy ocean, but it seems infinite. You can never reach her bones. She is too fat to reach her hips bones.

Bella cicciona ticcia, zuppa di carne, vorrei strizzare tutta quella carne che c\'hai sui fianchi, adorarla, baciarla, affondare le mie dita nella tua vita stracolma di lardo, come sei tanta

In fact look at how she rests her hand on her hip. The hand is horizontal, not vertical… because her hips are so incredibly wide. When she will have your child, she could carry him easily by just sitting him on that soft seat. You feel like you’re copulating with the most fertile queen in the world. You know that hips that large are easily capable of carrying your child.

She could easily seat that small kid on her protruding fat hip. He is so small compared to her. And even that woman is so small. Our goddess occupies half of the still photo and it’s only half of her!

look how small is the woman on the left compared to our big fat matron.  And the little baby could easily sit on her hip!

I invite you to see this goddess in motion at (Hint: it’s on page 3, previews here), together with hundreds and hundreds of other videos.

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