Farrah Foxx: il grasso delle coscie

bella grassona, piena di carne, fammi toccare, fammi stringere e godere, quanto bel grasso, sei tanta, bella, c\'hai un mucchio di carne qui sulle coscie

Non so voi, ma io le strizzerei il grasso delle coscie mentre e’ sopra di me. Chissà che goduria sentirsi sotto quei due pesanti cuscini di lardo, così larghi e stracolmi, mentre Farrah mi accoglie dentro di se.

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5 Responses to “Farrah Foxx: il grasso delle coscie”

  1. murciélago Says:

    I would say the same words of Anchises when he was going to mate with the Goddess of Love:

    bouloímen ken épeita, gúnai weikuîa theêisi,
    sês eunês epibàs dûnai dómon Áïdos eíso
    (Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite, 153-154)

    “Willingly would I go down into the house of Hades, O lady, beautiful as the goddesses, once I had gone up to your bed”

    “Io sono pronto, o donna simile alle dee,
    dopo essere salito al tuo letto, a sprofondare nella dimora di Ade”

  2. fatcurvystories Says:

    Hi Murcièlago, do you think “Hades” is used here in a figurative way, that is, to mean the sin inside the most private part of a woman? I know the vagina has often been associated with hell in ancient history…

  3. murciélago Says:

    All the Homeric passage is based on the ancient belief of the relationship between a Goddess and his mortal young lover. Since the latter was thought to die precociously after mating with the Goddess, Anchises, doubtful whether her mate was a woman or a goddess —she told him to be a mortal woman, but she was as beautiful as a goddess—, says “that’s fine, sweetheart, you’re so cute that I can’t resist, even if I will die after making love with u…” (this is an informal, periphrastic translation of the two lines…).

    That’ why, after mating with Aphrodite, Anchises disappears from the myth.

    P.S. I’m happy you removed the comment’s moderator: I think the guy who left the 10 comments on Jenni’s post wasn’t a spammer, was only mad for her…

  4. fatcurvystories Says:

    Anchises is lost from the myth, but he is lost in her beauty — so in a way he is in the best possible heaven. Maybe this is where all the modern “dark lady” tales come from: a woman so beautiful and so powerful that “eats” men, although the ancient myth are much more subtle and interesting.

    I didn’t remove the moderation, but I always review the comments held in moderation. In that case I knew he was a fat worshipper, so I gladly left his comments. 🙂

  5. facebook jobs hiring Says:

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