Farrah Foxx: La Carne

I discovered a new Goddess. Her name is Farrah Foxx. Let’s introduce her with some numbers: 46DD breasts and 63 inches hips. That is 1.6 meters. I love her proportions: she has a wide shoulders, big boobs and a beautiful fleshy waist. And then she has those huge, chunky hips. She has so much flesh on her hips like there’s no tomorrow. Look at those massive, healthy thighs, can’t you see yourself grabbing them while you try to couple with her? Can you imagine how it feels to slide your hands under the fold of her hips and grab a big fat fistful of fat, and squeeze it hard while she’s taking you inside of her? Look at all that copious flesh, everywhere, she is so opulent and beautiful. Her big thighs look especially inviting, they are just so chunky and thick, a hymn to abundance. You can see the layers of fat on the outside. You can fully open your palm and feel her up, spend some time massaging those big legs from every angle. Make sure to squeeze her from the sides of her legs and go toward the belly, feeling the extra softness of her inner legs. Then grab her firmly like an animal and copulate with her… sink your hungry hands into her luscious flesh and hold her tight, but also kiss her, caress her, adore her like the Goddess that she is. Feel the power of holding a butt that’s twice as wide as your pelvis, feel the power in your hands while holding those hips, feel the power of mating with such a large female, a true goddess descended to Earth.

Adore her. Visit her web site and admire her beautiful, meaty curves.

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One Response to “Farrah Foxx: La Carne”

  1. alberto lopez Says:

    you are big beutiful women

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