Brie Brown has 83″ hips (211cm!)

That’s right. I spotted a low resolution photo on her website previews where you can kind of see she is actually wider than what she claims. Four inches wider.  That’s what I can deduct at least from the above photo.  Not only she is gorgeous woman, she is also modest.

Brie is the original SSBBW, the first as far as I know who was proud of her super abundant curves, and willing to show her pride and supreme beauty. She was certainly my first SSBBW, and a woman I always admired. She intrigued me like nobody else with the enormity of her hips. I was always a boob man but she made me a butt man too. It did help to have a girlfriend with thighs like hers though :).

When I look at her I can’t stop dreaming about copulating with her, I can’t stop thinking about grabbing those fat thighs, squeezing the heaps of cellulite on her sides, running my hands all over her very womanly legs, from the sides to the front… while I mate with her like an animal in heat. She has more than two meters of hips, how can you not be crazy about so much woman…

Years ago, Brie made me understand that I needed a woman with legs I can sink my hands into. And now I feel better. You don’t need 2.11 meters of hips to understand how great they can be, but they certainly help.

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3 Responses to “Brie Brown has 83″ hips (211cm!)”

  1. jonathan Says:

    lease call me i relly like you 256-651-5849 call asap

  2. My Blog Title Says:

    cool blog – keep up the writing sytle….

    This is a good post – best I’ve seen latetly….

  3. fred Says:

    brie brown can ask would have any dvds or photos too sell

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