Overflowing Breast Flesh

lushboobs’ breast flesh overflow

I was hanging out in Berkeley today at a famous music store and as soon as I enter I saw a gorgeously healthy black woman, probably in her 40s. She looked wealthy. She was far away from me but I immediately noticed her very large breasts, indecently protruding from her chest. Despite the fact that she had a cami-shirt top and an elegant blazer on top of that, I could distinctly see that she was filling up all the space in front of her with many gallons of tit flesh.

I walked toward her like iron to a magnet, my eyes solidly locked on her boobs. Sadly she had no cleavage showing because her pink top was not low cut, plus her blazer was partially buttoned up. However, that top was really tight around her tits and I could see the shape of her bra… Even more, I could see two big, juicy handfuls of flesh overflowing the bra, and the pink top could do absolutely nothing to hide that.

I was in shock. I stood next to her while she was in line. Luckily a pole of the shop was standing between her and my face, so I could stare continuously at her boobage without her seeing my eyes. Even if that pole was hiding her face, her breasts were sticking out beyond it. I was mesmerized by the bubbling flesh overflow like a teenager at his first sexual experience. It was so beautiful and abundant, its sensuality emphasized by the charming smile on her pouty lips. And yes, it was jiggling like an ocean from inside the shirt every time she moved a bit.

Not only her boobs were so developed that the bra couldn’t fully contain them, they were also ripe enough they would liquidly jiggle in front of me.

I had to contain myself from reaching over and tap those fat overflowing mountains with the palm of my hands.

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3 Responses to “Overflowing Breast Flesh”

  1. murciélago Says:

    Some week ago I told you about the Goddess’ epiphany to a young shepherd, as Aphrodite to Anchises, the three goddesses to Paris for the judge, and the Virgin Mary to the three young shepherds of Fatima: I’m sure you felt their own wonder, awe, and divine excitation.

  2. Hartigan Says:


  3. technostep Says:


    […]Overflowing Breast Flesh « Fat Curvy Stories[…]…

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