Qane’s richness

Qane’s bountiful hips

Ok, I can’t get enough of Qane. There’s nothing like Qane’s hips. Round, fleshy, rich, and so soft… pearfect. I think Qane glorifies her hips more than her actual butt; that’s what makes her so incredibly sensual to me.

All of her videos are amazing. All you wanna do is grab those fleshy hips, just squeeze them with passion as she sits down on the bed. Then she starts patting them in front of you… gently, to show you how fat they are, and oh my god, they are like an ocean. They are so full and bulging she can lift them, release them, and let the mountain of flesh splash down, making her copious cellulite ripple like water.

As I watch all the fat jiggling in front of me, I realize I can lose myself in all that opulence. I want to feel those heaps of softness on my face, around my body, I want to sink my hands in that glorious beauty and be surrounded by it. How “wide” can a woman be? As long as there are curves like Qane’s, there’s no limit for me. Fat in a woman is just the most sensual thing. I love to be reassured by some wide, well fed, hefty hips. I just love that. And when I see Qane, I know she’s fat enough. I mean, I don’t even know where Qane’s hip bone is… that looks like a huge 15″ flesh ball, you can comfortably sink your hands in it, grab it, squeeze it, shake it and lose yourself into it when you mate with her.


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13 Responses to “Qane’s richness”

  1. tom howard Says:

    qane is no doubt. a goddess of superfat. she is arousing as one desires to just suck the fat flesh & make a meal of it !!

  2. ben turpine Says:

    tom puts it perfectly. qane is the ultimate in superfat softness. i’d also love to have my face squashed in & under her belly fat layers. heaven can wait–this is paradise. i wonder about her age, height & weight ? how could i find out? thanks.

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    she indeed is a Goddess. She has the looks of a Goddess: those pronounced curves, that healthy abundance, that heavenly softness… a classic and sensual idea of beauty.

  4. burt blair Says:

    what i’d love to do with goddess Qane is: after she has orgasm, take her panties, boil them & drink the broth–mmmmmm. that way, i’d have her inner power juices inside me. i wonder; does she ever get angry @ men & punish or whip them ?

  5. burt blair Says:

    my comment: the loveliest flesh i’ve ever seen or would love to suck on !!

  6. al robbins Says:

    with that fat , qane can command u to obey any whim of her’s & i would. if it pleases her, i’d drink her urine. maybe that way. i’d absorb her power.

  7. al robbins Says:

    can i be her slave ?

  8. al robbins Says:

    my friend told me that Qane demands payment of $550 up front before she’ll allow you to touch her.thats for 1 hour. he only had $300 so she gave him a half hour, but he had to agree to letting her give him 20 lashes with her whip.

  9. Avery Ray Colter Says:

    I’d love to help Qane into the walk-in closet for some close quarters fun. Can we get her through that little door? Maybe not, but it would be a whole lot of fun trying, don’t you think?

  10. FatCurvyStories Says:

    Avery you are right. Maybe if I squeeze her hips together she might be able to squeeze in, I am not sure, but I’d have to sink my hands well deep into her very abundant hips… because I wouldn’t want her to scratch onto the door hinges or anything like that! So I’d have to squeeze her hard…

  11. RiccardoFA Says:

    What i love in Sugar is her large hips and her smaller tiny tits…
    I love BBW with small boobs!

  12. RiccardoFA Says:

    Sugar qane has magnificent curves and she has a magnificent face.
    What is rarer it is to see a small breast on a BBW and I like that!
    I am register on her site and I regret that we do not see more her small boobs because they are very beautiful.
    Sugar Qane, if you passes there, thinks of me.

  13. fatcurvystories Says:

    Hi RiccardoFA, even if I prefer huge tits, I do love Qane’s figure. Her hips are so wonderful, so full of flesh, they’re bursting with beautiful cellulite. I also regret the lack of updates on her website, which hasn’t changed in a year or more. So sad, because she is such an amazing beauty.

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