Sit on my hips…

Sit on my hips…

I wanted to tell an anecdote that happened for real. This is no fantasy!

I have a friend who is a SSBBW, she is mixed mexican and white, very tall (5’11” at least), with huge fleshy hips, meaty thighs and good size breasts. She recently had a son, who is now around two years old.

So, I was at her place some time ago and we were sitting on the couch. Her son was being a brat and wanted to be hugged. (I could see why!) So she kept putting him on her thigh, and even if she was just gently rocking him back and forth, he kept falling into her boob and belly. What a smart little boy. 🙂

Her legs were partially open and that was doing nothing but emphasizing her large curves smashed on the sofa. She was wearing tight sweat pants, literally filled to capacity. I could see the fat smashed in there and bouncing when she was walking around.

At one point, she needed to go back in the kitchen. Her baby was still on her thigh, so she grabbed him, turned him ninety degrees or so and slammed him against her right hip, his face toward herself. Her hips are so large that a two years old can actually sit on that pillow of fat! And there he was, riding mama’s hips! The same love handle that her husband probably used to fecundate her.

Then she stood up, and walked around the room, easily holding her son with her right arm, aided by the lushness of her own body.

I never saw anything like that. It was easy for her though, because she has very protruding curves. And very full of flesh, although not as full as Qane‘s, but perfection is rare.

That’s why BBW’s are better mothers: the usefulness of those large breeding hips extends beyond the moment of birth, and eases the lives of both mother and son in so many different ways. Does anybody know other ways where wide fleshy hips are necessary? Share them in the comments.

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6 Responses to “Sit on my hips…”

  1. murciélago Says:

    I think you can make the last question to the husband of your friend: he will explaine you how useful can be her wide fleshy hips…

  2. vasco solaro Says:

    i once belonged to a huge , fleshy domme who weighed 210 lbs. more than me. even though she was 5 ft. 10 inches, she wore 6 inch heel boots so she could stomp & kick me with them. i’d be allowed to suck her 56 inch belly only after she whipped me mercilessly– but i could then watch her masturbate & then suck the drippings. she ate 6 course meals: pounds of meatloaf & mashed potatoes drenched in gravy, ribs galore covered with slabs of butter, chocalate cake covered with ice cream. i escaped from her, otherwise i’d have been either whipped to death or squashed or trampled.

  3. The Black Matron « Fat Curvy Stories Says:

    […] her hips are so incredibly wide. When she will have your child, she could carry him easily by just sitting him on that soft seat. You feel like you’re copulating with the most fertile queen in the world. You know that hips […]

  4. Harry Says:

    PLS i like u so much u hav a nice body,are u married?i like u if u stil single i like u QTEE

  5. Belizar Says:

    I met one night in Alabama a young woman who was at least 500 lbs, while shopping in a supermarket. She was still in high school and must have been the most substantial of all the girls in that school. But she was nothing compared to her mother who was a beauty with a giant forward protruding belly , which seemed not be subjected to gravity, because there was an upward courvatoure to it. After I had trated these two girls a few times to a restaurant, where you could eat as much as you wanted, we became friends and telephoned during the evenings , often in a sexual language. These two women moved one day into my trailor, because their utilities were cut off. It was an enormous squeezing job for the mother to get through the door, and we had to treat her scratches , which soon grew into blue spots on belly and bud. I loved to rub the scorn skin with Nivea cream , especially the belly, which had taken most of the beating. I had to go to work, but the two women stayed in and cooked all sorts of meals. Each night I would go shopping with the daughter to the local supermarket, where we bought enormous portions of meats and all sorts of vittels , of which they produces the most opulent meals , and soon we all became food addicts. Often I ate so much , that my belly started aching , and mama , who had worked in a restaurant as a cook made feeding only more attractive by her art de la cuisine. When overidulgence made the pain around the belly acute, I heated hot, wet towels which were placed on the naked, swollen bellies . This would ameliorate the pain somewhat, at least to a point that after dinner cakes and puddings could be taken care of. A couple of shots of Bourbon whiskey soothen any disconforts associated with the overintake of food. Totally stuffed with bursting bellies we slept on the ground on pillows , linen and covers and I noticed that mama had placed a dildo into her pussy, which she said was there for medicinal purposes, but in fact made her again hungry and she asked me to bring all the rests of the desserts for her consumption. Sally, the daughter was left to my special attention, which in turn make her hungry as well. Often I felt obliged to make a late run to the market to get additional supplies , including food for the nexy breakfast, which was never neglected even we had often eaten through the whole night. I soon realized that my budget would be strained by the enormity of consumption, but the paradisical fun of overconsumption could only be stopped by maxing all my credit cards and by the fact , that I got fired. I have lost track of the two women which brought a completely new life style into my existance. We had all become belly worshippers, because we would show off our bellies and bounce them into each other with pride and pleasure. Depletion of means , was the repelling force which drove 3 extremely rounded bellies apart and ended the most intense period of my life. I have only loving memories left and of course a big belly , which will not go away. And with this belly , stuffed on occasions , I walk through the Malls and bounce into fat female buds , to find, maybe one, who will start with me a new cycle of wild eating pleasures.

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    Sit means sit-Definitive source for breed specific dog training….

    […]Sit on my hips… « Fat Curvy Stories[…]…

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