Syrianna, a healthy, reassuring port

fleshy reassuring hips

I especially love the last Syrianna photo from The Northern Goddess. I adore her divine opulence. The abundance of flesh amassed on her lower body makes her very desirable. You can easily see the layers of fat on her thighs, and if that was not enough, the thickness even increases around her hips. It’s easy to notice the extra plumpness smashed against the left side of the sofa, forming a healthy bulge of fat. She knows you will enjoy a fuller love handle while you copulate with her, and she let you realize for yourself.

Her entire left leg is stretched out to show off just the lush richness of her body. You can almost feel the softness as if you were to go in with your hand, scoop the mountain of fat from her inner thigh and give it a good squeeze. Her thighs look like big fleshy bastions, very protective yet gorgeous. If you were to stay under the graces of such a well fed Goddess, you immediately know you’ll never suffer from famine.

I am also mesmerized by the fact that her cellulite is all amassed on her lower body, around the area where she gives birth. Is that a message for us? Does she want to reassure us, or is she simply ready to care about her brood? Thing is, as soon as you grab her from behind to unite with her, you will be comforted and reassured by her large decadent hips. You’ll be certain — if you ever had any doubts — that she is fertile and that she’ll be able to grow your son and nurture your desire. Her whole body seems to be made for that.

To admire Syrianna’s beauty, check out and join her website! Have a look at her MySpace page too.

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3 Responses to “Syrianna, a healthy, reassuring port”

  1. murciélago Says:

    I think you are right, FHK, because the pear shaped figure is an icon of motherhood and fertility. In Antiquity, the most common container for goods was the amphora, whose shape took as a model the female womb, the best shape to assure car and safety.

  2. James Nealon Says:

    A wonderful post which i agree with wholeheartedly. The very shape of her is reminiscent of the goddesses of yore.

    My first read of your blog, but certainly not my last.

  3. LAMAR GREEN Says:

    i think you are cute and big and beatiful for your shape and size. Can you send me a picture of your pretty self.

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