Imagine her on top

Imagine her on top of you…
Note: This still is not enlarged!

Qane‘s hips are 75″ all around. That makes 1 meter and 90 cm of lust, very juicy lust. Can you imagine having a woman so big on top of you?

A woman so curvy you can choose to either grab her by the small yet fleshy waist, or rather follow her opulence down that wonderful pear shaped body. Isn’t it great to feel those magnificent fat hips expand above your body, becoming larger and larger as you move down with your hands, until you feel just pure fat on your hands? Just big, juicy, wobbly, full mountains of the richest and most abundant cellulite you can imagine…

Doesn’t it make you feel powerful, to fuck a woman so big you can barely completely hug, that you have to stretch your arms to grab the fullness of her hips? My God… that’s what makes BBW sex divine… indulge your desire with never ending curves, never ending pleasures, never ending beauty.

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