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Nurturing Softness

February 19, 2008

I wrote the poem below after seeing this photo by Felecia

bulging softness

Nurturing Softness

like a spoonful of cream
are your volumes
bubbling, so boldly and shining

The richness of your curves
your magnificent opulence
is full
of milk, and a history of pride

The sensual darkness
in which I long to
be surrounded,
makes me become
by dreams of life and desire,
between the folds of your maternal

Qane’s richness

February 12, 2008

Qane’s bountiful hips

Ok, I can’t get enough of Qane. There’s nothing like Qane’s hips. Round, fleshy, rich, and so soft… pearfect. I think Qane glorifies her hips more than her actual butt; that’s what makes her so incredibly sensual to me.

All of her videos are amazing. All you wanna do is grab those fleshy hips, just squeeze them with passion as she sits down on the bed. Then she starts patting them in front of you… gently, to show you how fat they are, and oh my god, they are like an ocean. They are so full and bulging she can lift them, release them, and let the mountain of flesh splash down, making her copious cellulite ripple like water.

As I watch all the fat jiggling in front of me, I realize I can lose myself in all that opulence. I want to feel those heaps of softness on my face, around my body, I want to sink my hands in that glorious beauty and be surrounded by it. How “wide” can a woman be? As long as there are curves like Qane’s, there’s no limit for me. Fat in a woman is just the most sensual thing. I love to be reassured by some wide, well fed, hefty hips. I just love that. And when I see Qane, I know she’s fat enough. I mean, I don’t even know where Qane’s hip bone is… that looks like a huge 15″ flesh ball, you can comfortably sink your hands in it, grab it, squeeze it, shake it and lose yourself into it when you mate with her.


Sit on my hips…

February 6, 2008

Sit on my hips…

I wanted to tell an anecdote that happened for real. This is no fantasy!

I have a friend who is a SSBBW, she is mixed mexican and white, very tall (5’11” at least), with huge fleshy hips, meaty thighs and good size breasts. She recently had a son, who is now around two years old.

So, I was at her place some time ago and we were sitting on the couch. Her son was being a brat and wanted to be hugged. (I could see why!) So she kept putting him on her thigh, and even if she was just gently rocking him back and forth, he kept falling into her boob and belly. What a smart little boy. 🙂

Her legs were partially open and that was doing nothing but emphasizing her large curves smashed on the sofa. She was wearing tight sweat pants, literally filled to capacity. I could see the fat smashed in there and bouncing when she was walking around.

At one point, she needed to go back in the kitchen. Her baby was still on her thigh, so she grabbed him, turned him ninety degrees or so and slammed him against her right hip, his face toward herself. Her hips are so large that a two years old can actually sit on that pillow of fat! And there he was, riding mama’s hips! The same love handle that her husband probably used to fecundate her.

Then she stood up, and walked around the room, easily holding her son with her right arm, aided by the lushness of her own body.

I never saw anything like that. It was easy for her though, because she has very protruding curves. And very full of flesh, although not as full as Qane‘s, but perfection is rare.

That’s why BBW’s are better mothers: the usefulness of those large breeding hips extends beyond the moment of birth, and eases the lives of both mother and son in so many different ways. Does anybody know other ways where wide fleshy hips are necessary? Share them in the comments.

Syrianna, a healthy, reassuring port

February 4, 2008

fleshy reassuring hips

I especially love the last Syrianna photo from The Northern Goddess. I adore her divine opulence. The abundance of flesh amassed on her lower body makes her very desirable. You can easily see the layers of fat on her thighs, and if that was not enough, the thickness even increases around her hips. It’s easy to notice the extra plumpness smashed against the left side of the sofa, forming a healthy bulge of fat. She knows you will enjoy a fuller love handle while you copulate with her, and she let you realize for yourself.

Her entire left leg is stretched out to show off just the lush richness of her body. You can almost feel the softness as if you were to go in with your hand, scoop the mountain of fat from her inner thigh and give it a good squeeze. Her thighs look like big fleshy bastions, very protective yet gorgeous. If you were to stay under the graces of such a well fed Goddess, you immediately know you’ll never suffer from famine.

I am also mesmerized by the fact that her cellulite is all amassed on her lower body, around the area where she gives birth. Is that a message for us? Does she want to reassure us, or is she simply ready to care about her brood? Thing is, as soon as you grab her from behind to unite with her, you will be comforted and reassured by her large decadent hips. You’ll be certain — if you ever had any doubts — that she is fertile and that she’ll be able to grow your son and nurture your desire. Her whole body seems to be made for that.

To admire Syrianna’s beauty, check out and join her website! Have a look at her MySpace page too.

Your Curves are a Poem

February 2, 2008

I wrote this some time ago for SuperOdalisque, who is a very curvy woman with some of the juiciest thighs I ever saw. Her photos exude an incredible softness and such a warm sensuality.

Your Curves are a Poem

Your curves are a monument
a monument to Fertility
your curves are the hips of a woman
inviting as a siren
and seductive like Mother Earth
your opulent smile
makes you beautiful as a Goddess
and your thighs, oh, your thighs
what a sight
full and magnificent like a calm ocean of love
and my words are not enough
for all that abundant beauty
that surrounds your presence

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