A big, comfy pillow of flesh

30 pounds of hips flesh

My God, look at those magnificent hips… aren’t they absolutely gorgeus? Doesn’t that look like a big, comfy pillow of flesh? Qane‘s hips are so massive you could sleep on them, like soft, warm water pillows… you know, that alone must be 30 pounds of flesh, easy. And there are no bones there! She is built for comfort like a luxury car with a big trunk full of goodness. Her hips are so fleshy you can lift that junk with two hands and you’d still have some flowing out. That’s just beautiful. Qane is just Beautiful.

To see those hips jiggle in front of you, you should really check her out at www.sugarqane.com and join her website!

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3 Responses to “A big, comfy pillow of flesh”

  1. Hartigan Says:

    Wonderful body!

  2. marcus Says:

    inviami foto e scrivimi ciao mi piaci

  3. SugarQane and dreams of her return « Fat Curvy Stories Says:

    […] was the first to cement in my mind the term “Extreme Pear.” Before seeing her, I don’t think that term really had much meaning in my mind. But after watching Qane lifting […]

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