Big Butt Queen [Chapter One]

This is an old story of mine in three parts… original idea came from a French gentleman called Tyala, if you read this man, I salute you 🙂

Chapter One: Rita

I am a lucky man. The morning when my life changed forever I woke up with my wife Rita riding morning wood that rages during that brief time between sleep and consciousness. I was having a dream about a high school teacher who had huge chunky boobs, always exposed in some form of cleavage. At the time I used to ogle them like a pervert, especially when she was walking around the class-room jiggling them in front of me.

While I was drifting through the images of her in my mind I realized something was going on outside the dream, but I didn’t want to wake up. A few minutes went by while I was in a weird yet pleasant no-man’s land, half-asleep, half-awake. I slightly opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was Rita’s meaty butt right on top of my cock. Rita has one of the juiciest and thickest butts I’ve ever seen. I love big, fleshy butts, and she has a lot of flesh in that department. She is so curvy I get hard just thinking about her. She was slowly riding me facing the opposite direction, completely naked. What I was feeling in my dream was actually coming from the outside world! All of a sudden, I was invaded by the warmth surrounding my cock and by the sensual sight of my wife’s ass. My body reacted accordingly. I felt a huge throbbing of new blood as it pulsed through my cock. Rita felt it too, because she moaned as my cock unexpectedly expanded some more inside of her. I felt my thick throbbing boner enlarging and pushing against my wife’s vagina walls. Rita moaned, moved a little, and then plunged herself down again, but very slowly. She released a slow motion moan as she was going down, widening her legs a little bit. Her hips were very inviting, with all that opulent rotundity, but I stopped myself from grabbing them. I just wanted to see where she was going.

Her small waist made her huge butt look even bigger than what it really was. Which measures like 40-28-50, Rita has that sexy hourglass body I always admired, with the waist of a top-model but the ass of a Big Beautiful Woman. Well, I guess top-models have skinnier waists these days, but I’m sure they don’t enjoy sex like Rita does.

Rita has always been proud of her enormous derriere. She routinely gets lusty glances from my male friends, obviously envious of such a healthy girl. Not to mention bitchy comments from the “good” skinny or wanna-be skinny girls. She is so proud that when we go out she even emphasizes it, with tight low-cut jeans, miniskirts that can’t possibly cover her entire butt, Daisy-Duke-of-Hazard shorts and tops that are always revealing her navel. She has huge, toned and muscular thighs although they’re still covered with cellulite. However, instead of being ashamed of that, Rita always reacts in the opposite way, exposing those meaty hams to everyone. Many times I would get a hard-on walking next to her, and often I would even reach over and gently squeeze a part of her thigh or the bottom of her butt. She adores the attention and my groping always makes her feel sexy and wanted.

And now, my dream girl was playing with my cock, pleasing herself. Seeing all this flesh in front of me made my cock hard as a rock. I could feel myself penetrating her in such a way that she looked like she was being held up in the air like a flag on top of a pole. She was making my cock hit every wall of her pussy, completely indulging herself with my dick. I felt the rubbery texture of her G-spot, along the underside of my cock head doubling our pleasure.

She kept moving slowly, carefully pressing that spot hard down on my cock. Occasionally, when I thought I was right “on target”, I would push myself up a bit, slamming my hard flesh inside. That was driving her completely crazy. Loud moans began to come out of her mouth and deeper moans escaped from within her as well. In a few minutes she even started “silently begging”, in the sense that she would move up and down slowly and then stop when my cock was on her G-spot, or close enough, holding it there to prolong the experience. She would stay right there, breathing heavy, vibrating, waiting for my thrusts. Her cunt was the tightest at this point. I loved to make her wait.

To please me, Rita would open her legs some more, to show how large she was, how thick her thighs were, how pronounced her curves could be. I love to look at her when she opens her legs. Those wide, welcoming haunches are a poem to fertility and her thick thighs were always an erotic and invigorating sight for me and she knew that. Like a real whore, she would try to entice me with her own pornographic ways of seduction.

After a while, I couldn’t bear it anymore. After all, she was really my Big Butt Queen and I had to pay homage to the Queen. I started caressing up and down her curves, from the small sexy waist to her large chunky hips. I slowly moved my cock in and out, up and down. She was so tight. She liked all that slow motion friction and loved the feel of my strong manly hands roaming freely across her vast globes of flesh.

Unable to resist the temptation she began to grind her pussy down hard on the thick heaving shaft of my cock. She moaned loudly as my hard meat was penetrated her and once buried deep in her soaking wet hole she froze right there, just enjoying the feeling. I admired the amazing softness of her large breeding hips, it was amazing to kneed those rolling curves in the palms of my hands. Rita’s stunning thickness and striking form always pushes me over the top, so I had to be careful.

It was her fat that made sex with Rita so delicious. Her hips were opulent and curvaceous, much larger than my own and filled with toned yet jiggly flesh. I sank my fingers into her thick butt flesh, squeezing those love handles like a stress ball, soft and hard, hard and soft, making my cock throb and push up. At the same time I was keeping my beautiful whore’s fat ass down to hit her spot as hard as I could, right there where she wanted it. Her moans became uncontrollable as she came. I didn’t leave her a way to escape, grabbing tight on her hefty love handles.

I continued to fuck her hard as much as I could trying to hold my orgasm as much as possible. When her moans subsided, I abandoned all restraints and shoved all I had inside of her, as fast as I wanted, as hard as I desired. It was just like heaven to fuck her like that, although I didn’t want to hurt her. Her moans intensified again and after some more thrusts I pulled out and came hard, still holding a chunk of her meaty thigh in my left hand. Rita turned and took my now wilting cock in her mouth and began to clean its entire length with her slippery tongue. She made sure not to miss an inch of my dick as she lapped up the sticky combination of my jizz and her pussy juice.

After washing herself, Rita came back naked, showing her gorgeous figure and girly face. I watched her dressing up, admiring all the jiggling of her abundant body. She put on a bra that pushed up and squeezed together her big tits. The shirt she chose was barely covering her chest, revealing a vast cleavage. I also noticed that her bra was making her boobs jiggle at every little movement. I went closer to her and dived into the open cleavage like a baby. Then she took the panties, and pulled them up her legs. She stretched them as much as she could to let them fit the considerable size of her hips. I watched them sink into that incredible softness and then ran my lips over the bursting fat around the line in which the strings sank. It had such a rich texture. Finally, she slipped inside a pair of jeans that became completely filled by her round thick figure. Especially the legs looked like they were almost going to explode. Her butt cheeks were protruding like two enormous pumpkins.

I watched her walk away into the streets, to begin her day. Every male would turn around to stare at her like a pervert. Noticing their glances, Rita would accommodate their lust by walking like a whore, wobbling the oversized ass to the left and to the right. She knew, being the girl she was, that no other girl had features even close to hers. Such large hips were a maternal hymn to fornication and an eternal source of lust. And she knew it.

When she disappeared from my sight I started to get ready for my day too. I was supposed to interview a new candidate for a position in my company today. As I quickly went through her resume, I was not sure why my boss picked her. The resume was not impressive at all and often very evasive. I decided I was just going to confront her, improvise and see what would come out. Hopefully she would have something interesting to show.


6 Responses to “Big Butt Queen [Chapter One]”

  1. daneal Says:

    i iove bbw women

  2. garrick Says:

    you hot

  3. Xirus Says:

    I love BBW, My wife has the hottest chunkiest body ever, her huge tits, her soft pudgy waste, her amazing flabby belly and her perfectly round soft ass make me get hard every time I think about it. I too cant help but to have a huge throbbing boner when we go out together and she dresses in to sexy revealing clothing.

    I love my wife and our sex life is amazing because of her curvy features.

  4. fatcurvystories Says:

    Hi Xirus, I totally understand… my sex life improved when I “surrendered” to BBW’s sensuality. When I have sex with a BBW I get more excited because there’s so much more stimulation from my partner flesh, rubbing and bouncing against mine. It’s like being “surrounded by sex” if that makes sense!

  5. Chubby Chaser Says:

    So cute!

    I like fat old ladies. They are so soft, smooth, elastic, creamy, jiggly, flabby and cuddly. I like to touch them in chubby parts. I especially like it when their arms/thighs are cold and dry.

    A fat old lady whose upper inner under thigh is soft, smooth, elastic, dry, cold, non-oily, creamy, jiggly, flabby and cuddly.

    Fat is soft. So fat ladies are soft. Old ladies’ fatty tissues tend to be looser than that young ladies. Hence fat ladies tend to jiggle a lot more.

    I want my fat old ladies to have heeyuge flabby arms and thighs.

    I want to gently, slowly, and closely tickle the portions of their bodies that are the chubbiest.

    I like to touch their cold flabby parts with my hot hands.

    After hours of red hot hands, nothing feels better than softly stroking the cold cuddly arm/thigh of a fat old lady.

    These flabby old ladies are so cute. I want to gently, slowly, and closely touch their upper inner under thighs and enjoy the soft fat.

    Fat old ladies are blobs of cream enrobed in silk. They are so cute, cuddly and jiggly.

    It’s best if their arms and thighs and other inappropriate parts are soft, smooth, elastic, dry, non-shiny, cold, non-oily, creamy, jiggly, flabby and cuddly.

    A blob of ice-cream enrobed in fine silk.

    Queen Latifah is definitely one of those chubbly old women who I’d like to touch. I want to touch her inner arms and inner thighs, as well as her buttcheeks and boobs. Because she is so fat, her boobs are heeyuge!!!

    Ooh and the best parts are her vulva, mons-pubis and labia majora.

    The older, colder, and fatter a lady is, the better!

    So cute!!!!!!!!!!!

    Once I went to a Vietnamese restaurant. One of the customers was a mega-obese elderly woman. Her arms and thighs were heeeeeeeeeeeeeyuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuge!!!

    Her left thigh and arm were even bigger than her right thigh and arm!!!!!!

    Her extra-jiggly left thigh was so big that it was dangling of the side of the chair despite her attempts to sit properly!!!!

    That was one giant cream puff! Definitely one of my dream-women.

    Her face is round because her facial and cranial bones give it that shape. Her obesity and the fact that she ties the her on the back of her head only increase her cute facial roundness. Not to mention those jiggly triple-chins of her’s!!

    She was wearing tank tops and extremely short shorts that day.

    I was so tempted to cuddle her left thigh.

    She was talking in Vietnamese to one of her family members. Her voice is extremely high-pitched, blunt, and soft. As smooth and creamy as her body.

    She looked like she was in her mid-80s. Fat and old. Even better!

    I stuck my hand under her arm and began slowly and gently tickling her cold inner left arm with my warm right hand. She turned towards me and gave me a strange look with her eyes partially closed. She was way too old and fat to shout or flinch.

    This woman is so cute!!!!!!!

    Once on Comedy Central there was a chubby African-American woman who was proud of being fat. She said “if you gotta problem with fat people, you can just kiss ma fat tities!”. The crowd then cheered.

    I just wanted to jump into the screen and tickle and jiggle her boobs.

  6. Master of Puppets Says:

    Most will not even know the answer,

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