Getting a Quart of Meat

Jenni’s soft decadent curves waiting for you on the sofa

Can you imagine walking next to Jenni at the market in the summer time, when it’s so hot she has to wear a short skirt? All that flesh exposed and jiggling right next to you…

If you walk with this goddess on your side, you’re going to feel like a king. Other men will approach her and you’re going to have to become accustomed to that and deal with it. She will reject them and call you close to her. Then you’ll stand next to her. You will kiss her. You’ll feel the need to hug her tight around her magnificent hips, lifting her skirt to grab a quart of flesh from her thighs. You’ll show off in front of your rivals and let them know what they are missing. How about shaking all that flesh in front of them. How cruel. Let them know that’s what you get when you mate with your super-abundant woman.

Visit for more Jenni! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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7 Responses to “Getting a Quart of Meat”

  1. orientalheat Says:

    She’s gorgeous!

  2. abdel Says:

    Bonjour Jenni la plus belle fille que j’ai vu dans mon existnce, tu es adorable, en sus de tes belles hanches; t’as des beau teux, des levres qui éxpriment un sourire éxitant, j’aime bien que tu me donne tes références pour tes enregistrements, j’aime bien un mot de toi, n’importe lequel, voici mon adresse E-mail :
    Je t’embrasse trés fort, et rêve de te voir un jour.

  3. willie Says:


  4. jeff!! Says:

    god damn dude… whats her number?

  5. mike Says:

    so lovely

  6. jason Says:

    i’d love to have her

  7. caramba971 Says:

    you re very beautifful like the woman i d loved to live with her!!
    unfortunatly such beautifull BBW what i met never wanted to me , because i am fat admirer but i am a slim men.I v got only sex experience with one, it was wonderfull for both, but she wanted to share only sex with me, and not feeling! snif. what ever what happened I am very fond of your shining eyes , i wish you maximal love and luck in your life!

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