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Getting a Quart of Meat

August 30, 2007

Jenni’s soft decadent curves waiting for you on the sofa

Can you imagine walking next to Jenni at the market in the summer time, when it’s so hot she has to wear a short skirt? All that flesh exposed and jiggling right next to you…

If you walk with this goddess on your side, you’re going to feel like a king. Other men will approach her and you’re going to have to become accustomed to that and deal with it. She will reject them and call you close to her. Then you’ll stand next to her. You will kiss her. You’ll feel the need to hug her tight around her magnificent hips, lifting her skirt to grab a quart of flesh from her thighs. You’ll show off in front of your rivals and let them know what they are missing. How about shaking all that flesh in front of them. How cruel. Let them know that’s what you get when you mate with your super-abundant woman.

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A warm welcome from Aunt Jenni

August 13, 2007

Aunt Jenni’s Big Thighs ©

Think about having Jenni as your aunt. You go visit her in the summer and she welcomes you with that black dress.

“Hi honey! Come here and hug me!”

She walks around the house like that and you stare at her curves. How could you not. That dress is so tight around her hips it’s going to explode. She is storing mountains of flesh in there. She must be at least 75 inches around. How great would it be to have those legs stretched around you. Her huge thighs are so big and fat that they jiggle all over the place when she walks around.

“My thighs are fat… people stare at them when I go to the store, can you believe that? Maybe they never saw so much cellulite…”

You realize your body could disappear inside them. When those meaty thighs are wrapped around you, all you have to care about is pleasure. You have nothing else to think about. Your body knows that your female partner is ripe and ready to be impregnated. You are reminded about that every time you look at her. She has massive bulges of softness for every occasion. Her hips protrude a lot so you’re always reassured that she is big enough to hold your passion and the fruits of your semen.

“Awww… You bad boy, are you looking at auntie’s big thighs?”

Her big fat thighs are storage of love for all the cold days in your life. Their abundance reasserts the intimate feelings of motherhood. They form the best bed for your body when you are on top. Don’t let your auntie Jenni fool you, she very well knows that you like big curves like hers. That’s why she is wearing that tight dress. To show off her lard. Every once in a while she uses her skirt as a fan, lifting it up and waving it because it is very warm in the apartment. She does that especially when she walks in front of you, so you can see the ocean of jiggling flesh.

“Come here baby, come here… I love you too, why don’t you touch my fat…”

You often have a hard-on when you are in the same room with her. Wouldn’t it be cool to just touch yourself in front of her, ogling her. You know, actually that’s ok. Just do it. She understands. When she sees what you’re doing she smiles and she hugs you tight. She allows you to touch and squeeze her thighs. She likes to feel such a hot passion from a younger guy. You like to feel so much flesh around you and you tell her she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She whispers to you that she is very maternal and cares about you very much. Did you know that she had let her hips grew wider since last year, just for you?

“Look at this bulge… it’s popping out”

She gained 5 inches and several pounds for you. You can’t help to just strip naked for her showing off your hard lust. She makes you sit down on the couch. Then she reveals you all her beauty, lifting up her dress and removing it completely. She slowly walks closer to you, making sure you see the jiggling ocean of cellulite. You sink you body in her overflowing flesh.

“This flesh is for you”.

She opens up her fat thighs to welcome you inside of her. She is an opulent Mother Earth, ready to create new life. She has beauty, love, and plentiful curves.

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