Working with a Big Curvy Boss

I dream of working for a boss like this:

My big Curvy Boss

She always walks around in the office with dresses like that, showing off her conspicuous curves. She is very tall, more than six feet and she rarely wears a bra because her boobs are too large. Plus she believes breasts should be treated with softness, not strangled into a bra. She often dresses up with low cut outfits, especially when she has to meet new clients or recruit new employees. If they don’t stare at her boobs she becomes doubtful, and if they don’t stare when she makes them jiggle, she rejects them. When she hired me she was wearing that brown dress. Naturally, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her chest. Maybe that’s why she kept lifting up her skirt. She wanted me to stare at her juicy legs as well. I sure did admire the voluptuous size of her fat body all around.

Occasionally she would laugh and her boobs all jiggled vigorously during her laughter. I stared at the jiggling like a boy waiting for milk. She has the creamiest and softest boobs ever. When she sat at the desk her huge mammas rested on the table in front of her, like rich, lavish offerings.

Mostly she stayed on that couch the entire time of the interview, except when she had to go grab some water or other random things in the office. She was wearing some huge platforms that made her opulent curves bounce at her every step. Especially her big boobs, large hips and fat thighs. Her tits I think almost popped out once or twice. I mean, look at that top, it’s barely containing those cantaloupes. Her outfit was really thin, so much that I could see the mountains of flesh moving and bouncing around her hips and thighs. When she walked around her garments would flatter like a butterfly often revealing the sight of her entire thigh and even part of her butt. She was generously endowed with lots of beautiful cellulite.

I am pretty positive that I won’t change jobs as long as my boss doesn’t leave. I want to have the privilege to check her out everyday. Plus, sometimes she gives me bonuses. She calls me in her office, she makes me strip naked and she makes me sit on her chair. Then she walks up to me lifting up the skirt, and she makes me look at all her flesh bouncing and shaking as she stomps toward me, before opening her full fat thighs and wrapping her big soft body around mine. Finally, she takes my head between her boobs and nourishes my lust with her opulent body.

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