Qane’s hips: 75 inches!

Maybe I didn’t mention it because my body has been in a pleasant shock but… yes, Extreme Pear Qane finally measured herself! There’s a short clip on her website that I invite you to watch if you like big curves like I do. So, she is 75 inches of soft, curvy hips! Amazing. If you don’t believe it, just watch the teaser video. She even walks for us so you can see all that goodness move, bounce, jiggle… just like I love!

Qane walking and showing her opulence

That’s exactly what makes her great… the seduction of very curvy abundance with a normal act like walking. Let gravity do the work! Her curves are so striking that she doesn’t really have to care. She just walks like a goddess. She lifts her hip mountains and let them go and oh my god, there’s so much flesh shaking when she does that. She really doesn’t have to do anything more to drive a man crazy. Go check her out at or at her myspace page. Now!

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3 Responses to “Qane’s hips: 75 inches!”

  1. murciélago Says:

    If you like pear shaped beauties, see

  2. Mr. Johnson Says:

    holy shit thats sick what the hell do you eat you need to learn some self control

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    Mr Johnson: you are extremely rude. YOU should learn some self control for being so offensive.

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