Thick Boob Mountains

Lately I’ve been loving more booty but rest assured I do love huge boobs. One of my favorite big boob models is Amazon (46I). I invite you go to JuggMaster and check these huge knockers out for real, they really have some of the cutest girls and very erotic photos.

Amazon boob mountains (c) JuggMaster

Look at those tits… Aren’t they so wonderful to watch? Look how massive they are, you could rest your head on them, easily. I love so much flesh piled up in front of me. So much you can swim in it, squeezing the milk out of them. Can you imagine being the son or the nephew of such a goddess? You’d grow up between two gigantic balloons of love, breast-fed until the age of sixteen, inside a nest that’s soft as cream and rich as butter. The copious milk that always endows her provides unique and strong nourishment. The decadent richness of her cow-sized udders comforts you every day with a private, never-ending, jiggling show of maternal erotism. She has a sea of flesh and milk to offer. She constantly bounces, shakes and splashes her waves of fat in front of you.
Look how thick are those huge boobs, they are like udders ready to be milked. Actually, I am pretty sure there are cows with smaller teats. She is really gorgeous with those massive mountains. I wish she would come here, lay down on the couch, open her blouse and ask, “Come here honey, milk me… I have a lot of milk for you”…

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6 Responses to “Thick Boob Mountains”

  1. seymour Says:

    juggmaster is a fake ,I busted his ass years ago in the yahoo clubs when he was posting all his distorted pics that would make the womens tits look 10x their size.cant believe he is still pushing his fakey ass pics.

  2. Viking Says:

    considering I actually met some of the models in person.. i can 100% guarantee that the models and the pics arent faked. plus… some of the other models have appeared elsewhere and look as big

  3. Mr. lee Says:

    thats fucken gross!!!!!!!!! do something about those please i wanna vomit cus of them huge ass bologna size nipples

  4. fatcurvystories Says:

    Mr. Lee: you are the gross one here, with your offensive language. You should learn how to respect other people tastes.

  5. Meat Beater Says:

    Ahhhh….what a great jack-off session. Thanks, Amazon!

  6. cumsquirter Says:

    I jack of 2 this shit every day. I love these tits. They are so f’n beutiful and HUGE.

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