The Ocean

I wrote this poem for Qane (myspace). She is becoming one my biggest inspirations… I adore the playfulness she exhibits in her clips, showing off the unique abundance of her hips. I truly adore those incredible, erotic curves!

The Ocean

I found you one night
in my sea of thoughts
unable to spell while I
looked, ogled and drooled on your figure

your curves were a monument
a soft one I liked
fertility and grace
and passion for years

your smile was a shining moon
cute and discreet
shy like a teen, warm as a lover
and soothing like mother earth

oh the Lord only knows
how I need to be cuddled
in your bulging paradise
nurturing me cellulite

I am water
and your curves are my ocean
in which I would live
the most beautiful dream

your hips are the poem
I won’t be able to sing
for all the divine beauty
is filling my lust

and your beauty is a curve
gifted with opulence
that sings and jumps and dances so fully
while I stare like a perv

and I still don’t believe
how beautiful are your legs
how generously they tease me
so much comforting flesh

and whenever you’re blue
just look at your thighs
and think of the love
I’m dying to give

2 Responses to “The Ocean”

  1. Qane Says:

    Thank you so much for the poem. A very sincere ode to my abundant curves 😉 I read it on myspace, but just didnt have a chance to reply yet. A thousand kisses to you my dear. Thank you for the love!


  2. fatcurvystories Says:

    Hi Qane, I’m glad you liked it! You are really one of the most beautiful women I ever saw, no kidding. Your curves are unique and incredibly sensual. There will be more love coming from me! 😉

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