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BBW Manga part 2 – Intimacy

July 24, 2007

I’d like to add a few additional words about Ranmaru Graphics works and the level of intimacy that characterizes them. Let’s take this sensual image:

A man cums while he is cuddled between the bulging flesh of large maternal women

Here we see a fit young man getting intimate with two big women in a pool of water. The lucky boy is seduced by two very curvy, fleshy and maternal vixens, providing all sorts of sexual stimuli. The bigger woman cuddles him in a very maternal way, giving him all the excitement and protection that her big body can offer at the same time. She wraps his entire head into her generous chest, she supports his body with her massive thighs, and she caresses his boyish body with sweetness. Her hips are so wide that he can lay like he would do in a comfy couch. Her fat bulging thighs are thick enough that he can hold onto them and grab them if he needs more flesh to hold on to. She is a maternal figure, like a sweet auntie. This paradise of flesh provides him sensuality and relaxation at the same time. But it’s just the beginning. A younger but equally voluptuous girl is giving him intense sexual pleasure with a massive paizuri. Even if she is smaller than the other woman, her boobs are actually bigger. They are so big she can grab them like you would do with a pillow. You could sink your entire hands in those tits.

The result of this sensory overload is a healthy and unstoppable orgasm. It’s the triumph of love. And it’s inevitable. What, you don’t think so? Well, just imagine this. You’re watching your big breasted cousin or class mate tit-fucking you with the largest tits you could possibly dream of. You watch her flesh squeezing your cock and even pressing down against your thighs because she is that big. Not only that, but another amazon is wrapping you in a bed of bulging flesh. Your armrests are her wide chunky hips and massive thighs. Just indulge yourself in those meaty hips. If you want more boobs, just turn your head and dive into the huge balloons surrounding your head and shoulders. It is so great to suckle on some huge juggs while you come. You can also reach over for the boobs of the other curvy goddess in front of you and squeeze those too. You come in the silence, the only noise is your breath, those gigantic boobs rubbing your cock and splashing on your balls and the water around you, shaken by the spasms of your orgasms.

BBW Mangas – part 1

July 23, 2007

I’ve always loved mangas and the related Japanese subculture. Usually mangas depict skinny teenagers but apparently there are a few artists who prefer bigger figures. This is extremely interesting to me because mangas always had a very particular mix of sensuality, innocence and latent “pervertedness” and if you add fat curves to the mix we are in for a real treat.

So, in this post I just wanted to talk about a few of these works. I am not sure if these are all actual books, many of them I think are web books or simply drawings with no story. Many of these pages are Japanese only and unfortunately I can’t read Japanese. I’d like to know more information about these artists and their works. So, feel free to provide more info if you know it…. this being said, let’s go!

Penguindou / PEN Gindou

Very large manga butt

Penguindou web site offers many web books and drawings, mostly focused on BBW with enormous breasts. I love their stuff because women are really big and curvy, with huge tits, asses, gigantic thighs and opulent rolls. You can buy their stuff from A few must-see titles:


Houman Kyonyu Shugi (We love bouncing big breasts)

Ranmaru Graphics [blog]

Ranmaru Graphics specializes in very tall, imposing amazons with big butts and boobs and huge bodies overall. Here women are much taller and bigger than men and their size difference becomes irresistible. The greatest thing about this works is that there seems to be a kind of maternal eroticism in how male characters are inevitably seduced by such abundant and voluptuous mammas, always sporting huge bouncy boobs and enormous thighs. The following pic exemplifies the concept:
A man cums while he is cuddled between the bulging flesh of large maternal women
And check it out, many works are actually translated in English!

A man who runs into disaster while on a snowy mountain escapes into a certain mountain hut. There, several large, lusty women are waiting to ambush him. The man is fated to a hell of explosive pleasures brought on him by the huge women.” All together 31 pages, all pages are full color. (All infos are written in English language)

Mothers Smother
In an broken elevator, a small boy is humiliated by four sexy milfs.

Geek Project
A creepy geek attempts to imprison a sexy milf in a vacation house. She has milk and huge udders so big that you can sink your entire hands in them.

A game!!

Flesh Funeral
Oh my god, there’s a lot of flesh in there…

This is it for now… next time we’ll focus on the mythical “Milk Tank Cafe”.

Working with a Big Curvy Boss

July 14, 2007

I dream of working for a boss like this:

My big Curvy Boss

She always walks around in the office with dresses like that, showing off her conspicuous curves. She is very tall, more than six feet and she rarely wears a bra because her boobs are too large. Plus she believes breasts should be treated with softness, not strangled into a bra. She often dresses up with low cut outfits, especially when she has to meet new clients or recruit new employees. If they don’t stare at her boobs she becomes doubtful, and if they don’t stare when she makes them jiggle, she rejects them. When she hired me she was wearing that brown dress. Naturally, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her chest. Maybe that’s why she kept lifting up her skirt. She wanted me to stare at her juicy legs as well. I sure did admire the voluptuous size of her fat body all around.

Occasionally she would laugh and her boobs all jiggled vigorously during her laughter. I stared at the jiggling like a boy waiting for milk. She has the creamiest and softest boobs ever. When she sat at the desk her huge mammas rested on the table in front of her, like rich, lavish offerings.

Mostly she stayed on that couch the entire time of the interview, except when she had to go grab some water or other random things in the office. She was wearing some huge platforms that made her opulent curves bounce at her every step. Especially her big boobs, large hips and fat thighs. Her tits I think almost popped out once or twice. I mean, look at that top, it’s barely containing those cantaloupes. Her outfit was really thin, so much that I could see the mountains of flesh moving and bouncing around her hips and thighs. When she walked around her garments would flatter like a butterfly often revealing the sight of her entire thigh and even part of her butt. She was generously endowed with lots of beautiful cellulite.

I am pretty positive that I won’t change jobs as long as my boss doesn’t leave. I want to have the privilege to check her out everyday. Plus, sometimes she gives me bonuses. She calls me in her office, she makes me strip naked and she makes me sit on her chair. Then she walks up to me lifting up the skirt, and she makes me look at all her flesh bouncing and shaking as she stomps toward me, before opening her full fat thighs and wrapping her big soft body around mine. Finally, she takes my head between her boobs and nourishes my lust with her opulent body.

Qane’s hips: 75 inches!

July 12, 2007

Maybe I didn’t mention it because my body has been in a pleasant shock but… yes, Extreme Pear Qane finally measured herself! There’s a short clip on her website that I invite you to watch if you like big curves like I do. So, she is 75 inches of soft, curvy hips! Amazing. If you don’t believe it, just watch the teaser video. She even walks for us so you can see all that goodness move, bounce, jiggle… just like I love!

Qane walking and showing her opulence

That’s exactly what makes her great… the seduction of very curvy abundance with a normal act like walking. Let gravity do the work! Her curves are so striking that she doesn’t really have to care. She just walks like a goddess. She lifts her hip mountains and let them go and oh my god, there’s so much flesh shaking when she does that. She really doesn’t have to do anything more to drive a man crazy. Go check her out at or at her myspace page. Now!

Thick Boob Mountains

July 10, 2007

Lately I’ve been loving more booty but rest assured I do love huge boobs. One of my favorite big boob models is Amazon (46I). I invite you go to JuggMaster and check these huge knockers out for real, they really have some of the cutest girls and very erotic photos.

Amazon boob mountains (c) JuggMaster

Look at those tits… Aren’t they so wonderful to watch? Look how massive they are, you could rest your head on them, easily. I love so much flesh piled up in front of me. So much you can swim in it, squeezing the milk out of them. Can you imagine being the son or the nephew of such a goddess? You’d grow up between two gigantic balloons of love, breast-fed until the age of sixteen, inside a nest that’s soft as cream and rich as butter. The copious milk that always endows her provides unique and strong nourishment. The decadent richness of her cow-sized udders comforts you every day with a private, never-ending, jiggling show of maternal erotism. She has a sea of flesh and milk to offer. She constantly bounces, shakes and splashes her waves of fat in front of you.
Look how thick are those huge boobs, they are like udders ready to be milked. Actually, I am pretty sure there are cows with smaller teats. She is really gorgeous with those massive mountains. I wish she would come here, lay down on the couch, open her blouse and ask, “Come here honey, milk me… I have a lot of milk for you”…

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