Gaining back some pounds

I think my friend Magdalene looks so much better since she gained back a few pounds. She is a lot fuller and curvier. I immediately noticed the difference when I last saw her. She came to greet me and I ogled her plumper figure. She always had a body type similar to Megabutt Maria, but she had lost a lot of weight since a couple years ago. It looks like she’s getting some flesh back.

Her hips really protrude a lot. That’s nice, because every woman looks really graceful with a generous butt. I happen to love plenty of flesh, but that’s just me. Anyway, her butt really makes Magdalene glow and shine.

I also noticed the size of her breasts. Now they are big, sticking out from her chest like huge peaches. Tonight she was wearing a very tight lime green t-shirt and her boobs were really prominent.

She has a chunkier belly, too. I immediately imagined sinking my hands in her waist, feeling all that softness and enjoying the support of her ample hips, large enough that I could comfortably rest my hands on them.

Her shirt looks tighter too. In fact, it always seemed to slip up when she had to grab food from the top shelf, often forcing her to pull it back down. Must be those bigger boobs stretching the fabric apart.

Speaking of expanded clothing, she is now so voluptuous that her cellulite seems oozing through her blue jeans. Her pants are stretched out all the way, barely containing all that flesh. When she sits down the thick love bags of her hips expands on her sides making her thighs look like huge, meaty hams.

After she went to bed, I imagined slipping under her covers and join her naked milky-white body. I dreamed of giving her the love she has never received, caressing the lush hills of her body and thanking her for the opulent amounts of cellulite she has to offer. I aspired to hold her from behind while I mated with her. I desired to put one arm around her belly the other around her dangling breasts, squishing her maternal figure between my arms. I imagined us sharing our passion in the silence, like horny animals mounting each other.

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2 Responses to “Gaining back some pounds”

  1. muhammad Says:

    i lik fats gev mi photos

  2. anonymous Says:

    Just ask her husband if it’s okay! I’m sure he won’t mind!

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