Protruding mounds of cellulite

“Bella cosciona grassa, bella, carnosa, cicciona, piena, bella gonfia di carne, ticcia, belle coscione zuppe di lardo,ti voglio,ti voglio, prendimi tra le tue coscione grasse, mi piace la tua cellulite, stringimi in mezzo alla tua carne…”

Imagine to gently put your lips on those delightful mounds of joy, imagine to feel the soft flesh lightly pressing on your lips, slipping into your mouth. It is so tender. Then you press your entire face into that protruding woman art. Ride a hand along her thighs. Do it very slowly, because those thighs are packed. With cellulite. Bursting. There is so much of it that it’s yummy bubbling beautiful. Opulence. Carla’s thighs are so thick and full your hand is not big enough. It just sinks into them, again into the ocean of softness. They are literally two huge heaps of flesh. Feel how your hand gently submerge into the outside of her silky legs. Be nice to her, adore her, treat her like the Queen she really is. I know you want to slide a hand between those thighs, she must be even softer there. But wait, tease her some more. She wants to be loved. And you certainly wanna love her with your hard stuff.

You desire to slide an entire hand between her legs. You do that. It’s so soft, there, and there’s a quantity of love you couldn’t imagine. The inner side of her chunky legs is 100% fat. Pure cellulite. Marvelous. You move upwards carefully, enjoying every little bit of lavishness she has there, until you barely touch the outside of her sex. It’s moist, but you go back to the fat wonderland for now. You widen the oh-so-squeezed hand to grab a handful of her fleshy fat. It’s soft, tender, and abundant like heaven. You repeatedly squeeze her for your own pleasure.

Carla pushes you down on your back and she comes on top of you. She is large. Your cock is a brick of warm hard flesh. She watches it, she touches it, and she wants it. She’s running the show. She comes closer and slowly opens her legs… wider, and wider, and wider. She emphasize how large she is and how easily she can take you. And then, she wraps her mountains of flesh around you.

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