You’re beautiful just as you are

A friend of mine recently came over to visit us at our place.  She lost a lot of weight in the last 2 – 3 years, but she is still attractive.

Wide Fleshy Hips

I love her large protruding ass. It’s packed with flesh and her pants are always fully stretched around her hips. Her thighs, too, are quite a sight. Thick. They are very thick and full. She has a lot of cellulite. She is really self conscious about her legs, but one time she was wearing shorts and I saw her legs and they were just beautiful. Two large round soft chunky bastions, jiggling at every movement. Why women don’t recognize their own beauty? Every pair of leg is unique, but fat legs are even more unique, because when cellulite starts to stack up it makes everything bubbly and different each time you look at them. All you can do is caress them, trying to capture their beauty in your palms.

What kills me is that her husband gets angry at her for being “plump”. Truth is, I saw a picture of her when she was bigger and she was even more good looking. It’s sad she lives with a guy who hates her curves. If I were her man I would make her feel she is beautiful just as she is, because that’s the truth. And I would adore her body.

9 Responses to “You’re beautiful just as you are”

  1. mr.mac Says:

    i am in love!!! she has the most beautiful hips i have ever seen!

  2. M Says:

    Beautiful shape! Beautiful face!

  3. Kerri Says:

    Visit me here

  4. findersa Says:

    this is the best model ever

  5. merce77 Says:

    Good lord!!! That is one fine woman, where else can I see more of Kerri??

  6. frey Says:

    uyhh kge4esdch .khbj ;.koj

  7. frey Says:

    السلام كليكم كيف الحال الدانه ترحب بكم كم عمرك ياداشر

  8. Alicia Says:

    That is sad that he is so mean to her. How would HE like it if she told HIM to lose weight? HA!

  9. Don Says:

    can I see more of this godess

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