The lust of Nibutani Shinka

August 3, 2016

(art by Candlebars)

Since the beginning of her freshman year of high school, Shinka Nibutani had always been a beauty queen. Most men dreamed about her long thick legs, that were always exposed during the day. Not counting the ordinance cheerleading duties she had taken for herself. Her sweet personality and openness made her beauty shine even more, like a fresh new leaf under the morning sun.

Being naturally slim yet pretty curvy for her age, at the end of her freshman year she decided she wanted to gain some pounds to accentuate her features. She loved the looks of the boys and the sense of power behind that. She intensified her workouts to make herself stronger and at the same time she doubled the amount of food she ate.

It ended up being no effort at all to eat a lot! She just ate what she loved, indulging on beans, bread and cheese, pasta, meatballs, carnitas enchiladas and all sorts of sweets to top it off.

In no time her boobs became very full, claiming the attention of every boy — and girl! — that saw her walking down the street. There was a lot of jiggling going on, and it became hard for her school girl outfit to contain all of her growing breasts. Thank god for that nice, heavy duty button!

Her hips went through an even bigger, if not staggering transformation. They got so large that one chair was barely able to support her properly. Her thighs got engorged with cellulite and every step was a mass jiggling fest. She knew immediately that her next cheerleading season was going to be interesting.

After a whole summer of fattening up, when she got back to school people were stunned. Her figure changed so dramatically that people — especially guys — did not know what to say beside ogling and smiling with googly eyes. So dumb.

Nibu especially loved the guys that were unable to hide their erection in front of her. She smiled and waved, fully acknowledging their “reaction”, and with the most embarrassed ones she even stopped by and said hi, starting a conversation when it was clear they were super horny and utterly incapable of controlling their bodies and dirty stares.

“Do you want to touch my hips, dear?”

“Hm… yeah…”

“Put your hands here, on my waist… now squeeze my lard…”

That’s how she met Togashi Yuuta. Yuuta was one of those shy guys that just couldn’t take his eyes off her. The fat bulges on Nibu’s thighs were too much for his teenage hormones to handle. After saying hi she shook his hand and instinctively hugged him. His hardness felt wonderfully at home against her softness. He hugged her back, admiring the sweet fragrance of her perfume and the softness of her body.

The first training session with the other cheerleaders became a highly anticipated event. Many guys wanted to see Nibu’s curves in motion. When she walked on the pitch a roar welcomed her, and her skimpy outfit did not disappoint her new fans.

Her thighs were so fat that they jiggled like buckets full of cream after every step. Her skirt was so small that in conjunction with all the movement, it was continuously jumping everywhere, doing a really bad job at covering her mountainous ass. Which in fact bounced and jiggled like crazy.

Yuuta dreamed about her every night, imagining to bring her flowers every day, or treats or gifts or anything that he thought she might enjoy, in the secret hope that she smiled and hugged him again, letting him feel the girth of her butt. And so in anticipation of seeing her he would get really excited, and inevitably when he did get around her, his body would react with a raging hard-on. It was a beautiful thing, really. The most divine feeling he ever felt, and it was spontaneous; he couldn’t even control it but for once it was magical.

One day she hugged him tighter and she noticed that he poked her so much that she decided to do something about it.

She led him to her house after school and then into her room. She closed the door and confronted him, standing up in front of him. She asked him to reveal himself, and show his real excitement. He stripped naked and stood there in front of her. His level of excitement was indeed very evident as Nibutani kept walking in front of him, her flesh jiggling and bouncing everywhere.

She got completely naked in front of him too. She watched him as he was throbbing with passion. They were kids but they had just discovered the true meaning of love. His instinct guided him to mate with her from behind, like the animals in heat that they were. They both knew innately that this was good and beautiful. He gave her his virginity and he took hers.

Throughout the year Nibutani continued to eat like a piggie. She wanted to get bigger and bigger, and bigger she got. She kept eating stacks of pancakes for breakfast, dozens of glasses of (whole) milk throughout the day, short-ribs, fatty fish, beans cooked in copious lard, bread and tons of butter, and mead every time she could get her hands on it. She ate her burgers with cheese and lots of mayo. And she indulged in the most decadent pastries and cakes, always choosing the ones with more cream. She kept growing. And growing. And growing. The pleasure she was getting from Yuuta grew proportionally.

Her thighs acquired a second (and third) layer of cellulite, drooping over the knees and bulging from the sides. Her hips became gargantuan, and she often had to squeeze them through those “tiny” doors to let herself thru. Her shelf booty became more like a table booty, because a whole family could have dinner on top of it. Except that it was so jiggly and squishy that it was more like an ocean than a table.

It will remain memorable to all the students that year the final performance of the cheerleaders. Nibutani was at her fattest, and despite her size she was still able to dance with incredible grace. She had never stopped working out. She was able to exploit and somehow control the incredible jiggling of her Venusian body.

Being in the middle of the heat of summer, the cheerleader outfits consisted of a sort of bikini. The top covered more than a normal bikini top, while the bottom was a slip that was able to cover enough on all girls, and pretty much nothing for Nibutani. In fact, the slip sank deep into her hips, thighs and belly. Si vedeva tutto, il grasso di quella cosciona da monta. Normal cheerleaders were also wearing tights, however, because Nibutani’s thighs were too fat she decided not to wear any tights whatsoever.

When the dancing routine begins, Yuuta can’t stop watching Nibu’s bottom. It’s a giant balloon of lard, bouncing heavy and splashing her buckets of fat across those tiny slips. How can they sustain all that weight? How can they hold them in? She keeps twerking and shaking her giant mass of lard. The bikini stretches and bends. What people don’t see is that its fabric is slowly tearing under the mass of fat pushing against it. String after string it breaks, and plop! it finally snaps, unable to contain all of her. She is much too much. E’ troppo tanta. She smiles and continues, totally confident. She looks at her fat hips, they are jiggling like crazy, totally free. Her front private parts are still covered, because the bulging thighs and her double belly somehow manage to hold in her broken bikini bottom. But her gargantuan hips are free to bounce everywhere. She taps them with her pon-pons, making the sound of hands splashing in the water.

When the routing ends, a roaring applause erupts from the crowd and congratulates Nibutani, who looks as victorious and radiant as the sun.

The splashing sounds continued to resound in the arena as she jumped and twerked her giant derriere in front of everyone.

(art by Candlebars)

Il cuscino di carne di Sadie

July 13, 2016


Appoggiati sul mio cuscino di carne
tutto caldo, tutto morbido
tutta cellulite, pura
acquosa come il latte
ma più burrosa

bury your face in my hip
grab it from both sides
and squeeze it, suckle it
savor it
so warm, so soft

E’ tutto grasso, caro
Ti piace il culone della zia?
Immergiti nelle onde della mia carne, sono un mare
di grasso, stringimi, baciami
Mi voglio ingrassare i fianchi

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I gnocchi delle cosce di Kiki

June 26, 2016


Mi vuoi palpare le cosce?
Strizzamele ti prego…
quel gnocco di lardo, guardalo
Va tutto li quando mi ingrasso
Dammi una bella manata lì, come se fossi una scrofa, come se volessi valutare la grossezza dei miei prosciutti
my legs are strong and full of fat
these hips are big
bella culona da monta, che bei fianchi alti e grassi
Fatti palpare queste coscione
Che bella che sei, big kiki.

Tanta carne dentro le mutandone di Asshley

June 25, 2016

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Ma quanto è piena, una mucchia di lardo accatastato, natiche gonfie di carne, è piena di grasso, tutta da strizzare, le bolle di cellulite che ballano e si muovono ad ogni passo. Asshley mostra l’abbondanza delle sue forme e promette di ingrassarsi ancora. I gnocchi di cellulite ballano e si muovono tutti, sono pieni e invitanti. L’ho appena conosciuta e mi invita ad abbracciarla stretta, i suoi seni prosperosi sporgono in avanti, è anche una bella tettona. Lei si stringe a me lasciandomi guardare. Butto giù l’occhio dietro le sue spalle e vedo il suo enorme culone lardoso all’infuori come una mensola di carne. Che bella culona che sei… le metto le mani dietro la schiena, all’altezza della vita. E’ un golfo di morbidezza, le tettone sopra, e il porto dei suoi fianchi spropositati sotto. Dalla schiena mi muovo verso la vita, e poi lungo i fianchi, per sentire la pienezza delle sue forme a clessidra. E’ larghissima. Una clessidra appesantita verso il basso. I suoi fianchi sono morbidi come panna montata.
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Lo splendore di Airabella

May 29, 2016

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La meraviglia del grasso di Airabella
Le mammelle gravide di latte
Le cosce trapuntate di cellulite
L’ampiezza dei suoi fianchi, accoglienti come un letto matrimoniale
Il lardo, ovunque, florido e abbondante


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