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I wish Jennie made a movie where she squeezes her own hips

April 14, 2013

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Like really fondle her hips and thighs, massage them, caress them, then tap the top of her hips and make it jiggle. She lets it jiggle freely and naturally. Then taps again harder, or some lover lifts her huge balloons of fat on her hips and drops them. A seaquake of cellulite.

Then digs in hard, the whole hand. Jenni grabs a chunk of fat from the top of her hips or front thigh, and squeezes it like a wet sponge. Like a sponge soaked in water. She indulges in her abundance…

Carmella che bella!

March 8, 2013

Carmella super soft
(image is (c) of

Mamma mia Carmella, che bella
fammi succhiare
fammi succhiare
bella, tanta, bella

BoBerry has everything…

March 4, 2013

cosciona grassa

Cuteness to die for, a full hourglass figure, cuddly arms, big boobs, very fat gorgeous thighs, enormous wide hips, abundant cellulite in every curve…. If she ever gains weight, she’ll always look amazing… in fact those luscious thighs and hips can hold a few more fleshy pounds… ;)

SSBBW Candi ultra-wide hips!

February 3, 2013

Questa e` proprio da mettere lì e ingrassare a più non posso. Con quella vita così stretta una bella dieta ingrassante non può che farle bene.

Poi una così secondo me è da scopare quotidianamente. Possibilmente nutrendola allo stesso tempo.

Mary BoBerry can get fatter… here’s the proof!

January 28, 2013

(Image is (c)

Look at those big, fat thighs… they are indeed full of bulging cellulite but as you can see there’s space for more.

Guardate che bella cosciona: non vorreste allungare la mano li’ in mezzo? E’ grassissima ma si puo’ (si vuole?) ingrassare ancora. L’interno di quelle cosce e’ come crema pasticcera.

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